The Stupidity of trying to be Politically Correct

Been hearing this phrase being thrown around and finally got a few people to tell me what this is supposed to mean.  They tell me that it's simply watching what you say and where you say it because it could be considered offensive and if anyone or any group considers what you said or what you do as offensive then by default it is.  While this may work and make sense for many, it does not to me and therefore I call “stupid” on it.  Not because I do not care about the feelings or others or that I have not been the victim of offensive language directed toward me.  I call “stupid” on it because like being sin-free, it is virtually impossible to be and stay politically correct based on that definition.

It’s impossible because in order not to offend, one must then have complete control over how their words or actions are taken by another person or a group of people.  Since none of us possess that power, how can you expect to be politically correct in all and every circumstances?  I mean think about it.  When you are in a bad mood, another person can say hi to you and it will bother you.  If your mind is occupied with another subject and someone makes a joke about you at that time, it may strike you wrong.  It may have been the same old tired joke that they have been making for a number of years that never bothered you before but this time it does and because it does you make that molehill into a mountain and others soon join your side of the argument and now that person is forever branded as one who is not politically correct.

How about this, instead of worrying about being politically correct, why don’t each one of us try to be “thoughtfully correct”.  In other words, think first about what you want to say ad the point you wish to make.  Practice saying it to yourself then looking around to make sure that you honestly think no one present would take it the wrong way.  Once those things have been accomplished, say it and make your point.  If you have honestly considered what you are about to say or do and someone still find offense in it that is not your row to hoe but theirs and you should leave them to it.  Remind them that what they feel you said is not what you meant and then leave it right there.  It may take them some time to come to understand that it was their interpretation of what you said or did that was off and not your remark.

Now any 4 year old can tell if what you said or did was intentional or not and because of that you cannot hide being “thoughtfully correct” but because many are never really ever concerned with what you meant, you may always be able to provide the shade necessary to cover any failure in being politically correct.  How someone acts or says is based on how you see it period and that being the case accusing someone of being insensitive will also have to be taken with your added slant on what they said or did.  By adding anything that you thought or felt of the actions or words of another clearly shows not what they did or said but what you heard or saw, maybe even what you wanted to hear or see.


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