How to gain an Incredible Amount of Influence and remain Genuine

By Timothy Organ, Feb 1, 2016

I like having an incredible amount of influence. If your spirit can become friends with another spirit that bond alone will move mountains. That’s how you have an incredible amount of influence. That is what makes leaders. Just remember though persuasion is not influence. Persuasion is using the body to influence the body of another, there's no loyalty or respect in that at all, the spirit may or may not be that friend and trust is in jeopardy.

        Under the influence, a person submits to the will of another. In this pretext it is best applied when that other person realizes they are not the final answer and submits themselves to the will of someone else. Where that will is, determines whether or not the influence is good or evil. Today’s society wants us to control our own destinies.

        When we realize we have no control and submit to something greater than ourselves then we will have reached the pinnacle of true leadership.  It increases our capabilities because we are INFLUENCED to work harder to meet that higher standard. This is why faith is so very important in leadership as well military service. We can serve ourselves, be content with our own failings and chalk it up to our own superiority, or we can set the bar higher and work harder to move that limit line up. When people see you doing the same as you try to influence others to do, they can tell you are genuine yourself and are more willing to submit to you. Otherwise you become a tyrant, who believes to be your own authority and have reached the pinnacle of "greatness."  Works great if it's true but not so much if you’re a bumbling imbecile.


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