Moody America

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed just how moody America has been lately.  I mean from politics to parenting and all points in between.  We hear people talk about a slight willingness to change their minds about anything except their core beliefs and principals but even those things are flexible depending on the right amount of influence used to alter their belief or principal.  Here are a few examples I have noticed and see if what I am trying to say makes sense to you.

There was a group of young black boys calling themselves representing “Black Lives Matter” who was witnessed harassing a combat veteran at some restaurant.  As the veteran stood up and was walking out of the restaurant, one of them struck him in the back of the head and then he was robbed of at least $400.  Now for those who stand with “Black Lives Matter” and support their cause, you must now decide if every action by those who claim to support the same group you do depicts who you are and what you stand for.  If so then are you as guilty as those cowards and is this how you wish others to view you?  Still wondering why many get the idea to use the word “thug” when describing some black people.  They get it because we give it to them and cause the influence to change or modify their belief or in some cases reinforce their beliefs.  Today we may vehemently deny association with those cowards who claim to represent “Black Lives Matter” but tomorrow we may feel a little different so how is that for moody.

How about a judge and a prosecutor willing to tell as many people as they can and would listen that they have a zero tolerance of criminal behavior that results in the innocent death of another person.  In the example they call to mind to demonstrate this belief or principal is the story of a young male who ran from the police and caused and accident which took the life of an innocent person at an intersection.  This kid was tried as an adult because the crime was supposed to be an adult crime and is currently sitting in jail right now because of it.  Apply this same thing to another fatality accident at an intersection except remove the escaping justice and add texting, speeding and not paying too much attention to the friends in her car instead of the road.  The death of the innocent person in this scene did not deter that same judge and prosecutor from seeking the same for her as they did for him.  What was the difference, could it have been that the girl’s father was a doctor while the boy’s father was unmentioned.  So how much influence did it take to sway the judge and prosecutor’s belief or principal?

What about people who forget about those who have always stood by them in their time of need and times of plenty.  Provided you with all of the love and support any human being could ever need, yet often over looked or taken for granted because you seem to spend all your time chasing a love that you feel you do not have.  If finding an unconditional love was your goal in the beginning and you found it with you children or a significant other, why then are you not happy of satisfied?  Is it because that’s what you thought you wanted until you got it then you realized that you wanted something else instead or is it simply the chase that intrigues you.  Maybe you love the chase of that elusive love and the challenge of capturing it.  You believed in a real love, a love that was truly unconditional and one where you did not have to be anyone else but yourself but that was then so what happens now? 

Let’s face it people we are not guided by any iron-clad belief or principal system; we are simply guided by what kind of mood we are in at that particular time.  Catch me on a bad day and everything you do, I will tell you about yourself but catch me in a good mood and you can do no wrong.  I may agree with you today but give me just a little more time and allow me to listen to more few people and that agreement may not be valid later.  I do this not because I am a stickler for doing anything the same way every time but simply because the degree of influence necessary to make me re-think my beliefs and principals has been applied.  My mood has changed from a person of peace to a person of direct action which can now be justified by the influence used to alter my perception.  You want happiness, you desire peace but you can never have them because you will never be satisfied with what you have and you will never be at peace because you will always be searching.   


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