Evils first act was to take over of Justice System good job so

In the beginning, judges were set up to administer justice by counseling and being peacemakers between those who had a dispute.  They were supposed to be above bribes and godly which is where wearing of the dress/robe may have come in.  They were supposed to listen carefully to all sides then find common ground, make the ultimate decision where both parties walked out of there with a slight win and all would be fair and balanced.  That was how it was supposed to work so what happened to that concept now.

According to Exodus Chapter 18 Moses’ father in law, Jethro came to visit, saw him spending morning to night helping to settle people’s disputes among them and when asked called himself a judge to dispense who was right or wrong.  His father in law gave him some advice and told him to choose capable, godly, honest men who hate bribes and appoint them judges under him.  They could decide and hear the smaller cases but if the case was too complex or complicated, they were to bring those cases to him and with the Lord’s help and guidance, he would decide them.  This it is recorded that Jethro said would reduce the pressure on Moses, provide judges more locally for the people and promote peace and harmony in the camps.  This, I would argue is how our justice system became to be and would also explain why robes or ceremonial dress is required.  This message from the Old Testament should give us a clue on how our justice system really is supposed to work.

It is supposed to be a time for those who have a dispute to bring it to the judges and have their representatives or they themselves present their sides of the argument.  The judges are supposed to listen carefully at each side and then using the sense of peacemakers, come up with a solution that can satisfy both parties.  Not looking to see who is right or who is wrong but saying to them that God’s purpose for this forum is so that we all learn that in life we may never get everything we want but we can rest assured that all of our concerns will be heard and walk away feeling good about the fact that you can truly compromise without compromising your principals.  It was designed so that each complaining party walked out of there with something instead of one party walking out with everything.  Does it sound anything like our justice system today?

Today our justice system listens to the lawyers who speaks best and presents the best case.  Our justice system looks for winners and losers and helps to cast the losing side as less than because they may not speak clearly enough or in a particular manner.  Our justice system favor those who can afford to hire the best and wait the longest instead of finding common ground between them both.  If you are under the impression that evil has not taken over our justice system then ask yourself this.  When was the last time you were able to express your point of view within our justice system, had it heard and considered and walked out of that meeting with a sense of pride knowing that you may not have gotten all you thought you deserved but you got some satisfaction?


  1. My answer would be never have I felt that my opinion expressed was heard let alone accepted or tolerated. All we did was attend a public meeting and it all went downhill from there. How the police dealt with us was also criminal.


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