There are only two things wrong with the Hillary Campaign her message and Bill

As a beginner when it comes to political campaigns and not as experienced as those she has around her, I have listened to some of her speeches and saw how quickly her husband has stepped on his tongue, all this reminds me of the message she was sending during her contest with Senator Barrack Obama and all that was left was “oh no not again”.  I then came to the realization that there are only two things she needs to change is her message and her husband.

Let’s deal with Bill first, many call him the greatest weapon in the Democratic arsenal and at one point maybe he was.  Maybe the Bill we wish to remember is the one who had his entire plan mapped out in front of him, knew where he wanted to go and most importantly how to get there.  Yes he made several missteps along the way but to a person those who voted for him was very glad they did.  I don’t think we are looking at the same Bill today.  The drive he had then was so that he could lead the free world but I do not sense that he has the same drive for his wife.  Maybe for all these years he had to consider her as a partner and now if she wins, he has to consider her as an equal.  Not many men are ever willing and ever comfortable with that aspect of life and especially in politics.  Simply look at all those men making decisions for women because silently they are still under the impression that they know best for women and they seem them as inferior and someone who has not earned their way to the top but slept their way there.  Bill may not be as blatant as to say it but some of the missteps he has made already and considering how he laid out her campaign before, his actions surely make one think that he might.

When it comes to her message, the current one I believe is all wrong and has been for some time.  Hillary Rodham Clinton has been in the spotlight too long to try and paint her as new and because some are trying to do that, all it really does is make her look extremely unsure and unhappy.  This perception lasts for much longer than a caucus and even voting times, it could last a life time.  My suggestion is simple, stop trying to make her out to be something she is not and embrace who she really is.  Her new motto should be “But I’m Still Standing”” and she should start off by saying as a woman in a predominate male only field of practicing law, many saw me as easy, a push over and an easy mark, they were wrong.  As a first lady of Arkansas and the wife of the governor, people saw me as seen but never heard and a voiceless trophy wife, I’ll never just smile and sit on anyone’s shelf.  As first lady of this United States and the wife of the president, people saw me as more an item on the president’s arm instead of an extension of it.  This has been the case not only for me but for many women our entire lives and ladies and gentlemen it is time for a change.  President Obama learned about how valuable strong women are from his mother because she was one.  He sought out a strong woman because his wife is one and when he beat me for the presidency, he wanted a strong woman for Secretary of State.  You know me.  In the mold of Madeline Albright, Angela Merkel, Claire MacAskill, Olympia Snow, Gabby Gifford and so many more, we stand up and say, no more being silent and speaking when spoken to.  No more following the conversation we now shall lead it.  No more waiting on men to say what we can and cannot do, we will tell them what we are going to do.  You know me.  Through Benghazi, Monica Lewinsky, Senate investigations and House Panels, I have survived them all and I am still standing.


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