A Question for the Masses, Which Group Sacrifices More

Here is a question for all you who feel that police are getting the raw end of the deal lately with the non-indictments of shooting, killing and over-reach when dealing with subjects.  The recent flier put out by the Uniformed Police Union talks about their sacrifice and how government should stand with them instead of throwing them under the bus.  Which group sacrifices more?  Is it the cops who patrol our streets or our military?  If you say our military then ask yourself why there is such a disparity in how each is treated.

In the military, we have something called honor and valor.  We have something called responsibility but lately this seems to be the only entity where those principals exist.  In the military if you violate the law, you will be held responsible and to account but in the civilian world this seems not to be the case for cops.  Below is a recent story which proves this point.

“Philippine prosecutors on Monday filed murder charges against a US Marine accused of killing a Filipino transgender woman, in a case that has fanned anti-American sentiment.  Prosecutors found "probable cause" against Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton and decided that he used "treachery, abuse of superior authority and cruelty" against his alleged victim, lead prosecutor Emilie Fe delos Santos told a televised briefing.  Pemberton will not be allowed to post bail, she said. Murder is punishable by up to 40 years in jail.  Jennifer Laude, a 26-year-old transgender woman, was found dead on October 12 in a cheap hotel in the port city of Olongapo. She was half-naked in a bathroom with marks of strangulation on her neck, according to police. 
Under a 1998 agreement governing US troops when they are in the Philippines, Filipino courts have jurisdiction over cases involving American soldiers accused of crimes.  But the agreement also allows suspects to remain in US custody.  President Benigno Aquino had said that the case should not sour ties with the United States, which is the Philippines' most important diplomatic and military ally.  "Name me any place that doesn't have any crime. And the sin of one person should be reflective of the entire country? I don't think so," Aquino said in October”.

Military members know that when they are assigned to places, they carry an additional burden and that is the burden of an unofficial ambassador.  Their actions will be watched and viewed as what America is all about.  They can either reflect great pride or give those who despise us reason to dislike us even more.  We know this and the over-whelming majority of us conduct ourselves in a manner which does reflect well upon our country.  Those who don’t stand not only in judgment from those watching but from those who serve with them.  We are the hardest critics on those who make us and our nation look bad which is the way I think it should be.  So why are we not demanding same from any and all other groups?


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