Cops Taking of Lives less about Race and more about Arrogance

Multiple media agencies wishes people to believe that the only reason the rash of recent shootings were is because of color, now while there are several good points that may bear that out.  The reports of some shootings fly in the face of that narrative and have to make one begin to wonder if recent over-reacting police officers are no also blinded by race but something else which mixed with race is deadly to others.

The article titled “Native American Attends #NativeLivesMatter Police Brutality Rally, Next Day He’s Killed by Police” by John Vibes for The Free Thought Project is one such article.  It reports that “This Saturday evening, 30-year-old Allen Locke was shot and killed by police, just one day after attending a protest against police brutality. Locke is a Native-American man who attended a #NativeLivesMatter rally that was being held locally, according to his family.  The police claim that Locke charged the officer who shot him with a knife, however, this cover story is often used by corrupt cops when they kill someone, and the police have not yet put forward any evidence to verify their claims.  It was reported by Indian Country Today that Locke was shot roughly five times, possibly more, and was pronounced dead at the scene when an ambulance eventually showed up.  The name of the officer responsible for the shooting is Anthony Meirose, and it is not clear whether he had any knowledge of Locke’s involvement in police accountability activism. However, Police Captain Dan Rud did say that ” Locke is no stranger to the Rapid City Police Department,” but did not elaborate any further about the prior interactions that Locke had with the local police.  On Monday, Locke’s family released a statement saying that that there are details that have not been made public through the media, but they will be waiting until after the funeral services and grieving process to re-engage with the fight against the police state.  Officer Anthony Meirose has been placed on paid suspension pending an investigation”.

What is becoming more and clearer to me is race mixed with a splash of arrogance equals a deadly combination for those on the other side of the badge.  Arrogance as to not having to answer for any mistake made during your shift.  Arrogance as to not having to worry that your police union is not strong enough to cover things up or be your buffer.  Arrogance to think that because of your choice of professions, you are truly above the law and even something as simple as drinking and driving is kept under wraps so continue doing what you are doing because it must be right.  Arrogance which makes badge wearers think that those they come in contact with are “scum”, a “perp”, a “low-life” a “criminal” or the mostly used one yet “dirt bag”.  Arrogance that allows you to forget that those you come in contact with are people too, with the same dreams, hopes and desires as you and who deserves to live as long as God sees fit, not as long as cops see fit.  Protecting your life, I have no problem with but improper training and an inability to realize and armed person from an unarmed person begs to question.  Was it really that person you feared or was it having the knowledge that your word on what happened will always be good enough?


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