The Mind, It’s Contents and It’s Power

The most important and largest part of the human body is the mind.  It is quite expansive and can continue to grow and expand beyond belief.  The mind has one and only one job which is to protect the body.  It is only contained and limited by the individual who controls it.  It has been known to overcome and defeat any barriers that man constructs unless the individuals controlling it allow it to be contained.  The mind can contemplate things that are out of this world and can compile, organize and maintain records of so many things that even those who are supposed to be the smartest in the world cannot fathom.  I believe that it is the mind that keeps all our involuntary actions like breathing, blinking, sensing and so many others functioning properly.  The mind has the ability to see danger and often times will send the body a warning.  It also will warn you ahead of time about maintaining your body like itching when it is time for the body to be cleaned or a headache when you are causing too much stress on the body and your eyes seeming to burn when it is time to rest them. 

Its Contents

The mind is not made up of tangible materials.  It is all emotion, thoughts, experiences and observation none of which can be measured by any human standard.  The mind can be convinced of any possibility and if enough evidence is presented and accepted will make that idea a reality even if only within its walls.  This should be why the mind is the most powerful part of the human body.  Because of this, the mind should be better educated and guarded more closely than we do.  We abuse it but allowing unnecessary things to occur in our lives.  We take unnecessary chances and force the mind to have to go to extreme circumstances to protect the body.  The mind will develop and mold certain personalities to deal with certain outside factors.  A true diagnosis of all humans should reveal that we are not just one but multiple personalities.  

The person who presents during the anger phase is not the same person who responds to things in joy.  The person that presents during our time of pain and suffering is not the same person which presents during our time of trials.  The mind has constructed each of these because it knows that each is better equipped to handle that particular situation better than a combination.  Now don’t get this whole thing twisted, this is not Hollywood and each personality does not have its own voice.  It is controlled and maintained by the mind and to keep this running smoothly all we have to do is embrace the mind’s power, its purpose and continue to educate it with as much knowledge as possible.  None of these personalities should be allowed to excuse any crime or wrong doing, the mind knows but can still be forced to believe.  It should be one of our most guarded and protected resource but few people ever think about it.

It’s Power

The mind is constantly at work even when we are sleeping, giving us complete control over our dreams if we wish to tap into them but will calm down enough to allow the body to rest .  This is the time, I believe, and that the mind uses to actually heal the body.  Sometimes, the mind may shut down one part of the body while the other parts are in use.  It is the only true shield that the body has and can make the body perform so many wondrous feats which is why it is true that “if you can believe, you can achieve”.  Protection of the body is the only job the mind has and nothing will ever prevent it from doing it.  The mind has the power to even shut down the entire body by convincing it that it is okay to do so.  The mind is so powerful that it can lower the heart rate and calm the body even through the most emotional of times.  The mind will always go first to what it has already learned and stored away like a memory.  Every experience that you have gone through whether large or small, the mind has categorized, labelled and stored away that reaction or experience.  Any similar situation that arises will cause the mind to engage and automatically go to what worked to protect the body before.  The only way to enhance or change that is to teach the mind another way of dealing with that situations or similar situations in a different way.  The mind never erases or forgets anything it has learned so do not be surprised if you sometimes revert back to actions from experience of earlier times.


First please allow me to say, that I am no expert according to man’s definition.  I have not studied at the best schools abroad and at home nor do I possess any kind of degree.  I present to you because I am compelled to do so by my mind.  We all have a role to play while we exist here upon this earth and each one of us have the knowledge that, if shared, could probably save so may live and end so much suffering but because we may not have been born in a particular place, at a particular time, to a particular set of parents, in a particular race or a particular sex, we feel that our thoughts, feelings and ideas are meaningless and laughable.  I assure you that they are not.  What all of us have to say is important and should be listened to not just hear.  Each and every one of us carries with us a piece of the puzzle we call life and if the picture is ever going to be complete, each of us need to ignore the so-called divisions and present together as one big body, one huge mind.

All human beings are the total sum of all of our experiences and our reactions to them.  We are limited only by those limitations that we place upon ourselves.  We share experiences which lead us to grouping but a closer examination would reveal that there are certain experiences that we all share but refuse to group behind.   For those who shared an experience with a much smaller group that does not take away from the experiences shared with the whole, it only tends to sharpen and refine us as an individual.  Each one of us can and often does learn from the other regardless of from whence we hail and the only requirement to obtain this lesson is to listen.  Remember the mind is only limited to the person who controls it and it can only be captured and controlled if that particular individual chooses. There is no such thing as mind control it is simply a relinquishing of your power to control your own mind and nothing more.  If control of another’s mind is what you seek, all that has to be accomplished is convincing that it is in their best interest and your will shall be done.  Your only fear should be that this or those particular individuals may discover your true intentions.


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