What is all this about Al Sharpton?

While cruising the internet, I ran upon a post from the Lou Dobbs Show featuring Sheriff David Clarke, the black Milwaukee County Sheriff saying “Al Sharpton is a race hustler; he is a vulgar human being. He's divisive and he spews hatred. No prominent office holder in the United States and that includes the President, the Attorney General, and the Mayor of the city of New York should hold council, be associated with, or be in the company of Al Sharpton”.  He further mentioned that if New York Mayor wanted to resolve the tension between him and the police union he would have to distance himself from Al Sharpton”. 

Now after hearing these two thoughts came to mind, the first being where were all of the voices calling him a racist.  Had this sheriff been white and said something like that, would not we see billions of calls for his head on a platter?  Or maybe because this guy is black, those who would be calling for his head wishes not to tainted with that label of racist by asking for it or maybe it is because many blacks who would be leading the parade for the head of a white person do not think it is racist if said by a black person?  Either way, as a loud and proud African-American, I say what is good for the goose is good for the gander.  If a segment of America is going to protest and get all worked up if a white person says these things, those same people need to get all worked up and protest it if a black person says it as well.

I was attempting to make this point when I was asked a question by a friend of mine.  He asked “give me one example of when you've seen Al Sharpton show up when a white person was killed in the same manner as Martin, Brown, or the fellow in New York? The only time Sharpton shows up and pitches a fit is when African Americans are killed. Where was he when the 12 year old white girl was shot and killed while sitting on the front porch with her grandmother? Where was he when the two Non-white police officers were killed, and the Hispanic teen in Denver killed? Sharpton picks the battles that will get him the most attention. I agree with you as far as what is considered racists for one should be racists for all, but Al Sharpton only shows up when African Americans are killed and he needs to be held accountable when he stirs up the African-American Public to riot”.   

After considering these questions, I had to think back and I must admit that I cannot recall a time that I saw Reverent Sharpton on television demanding action when an unarmed white person was shot and killed by police and that says just as much about me as anyone else because I call myself being a firm yet fair guy who should have made it a point to check that before attempting to comment.  For that I except full responsibility.  However it does raise a couple of more questions.  One question is what was the outcome for the 12 year old white child that was killed sitting on the porch and the Hispanic teen killed in Denver?  I ask these questions in order to get a better understanding of the relevance and not make the same mistake I made by just commenting?  I looked and could not find anything about the 12 year old killed while sitting on the porch with her grandmother.  I did find an article about a 22 year old being killed by her boyfriend while they were on his grandmother’s porch and accidentally shot his own grandmother.  I did find a story about a white/Hispanic man being shot and killed by a black officer along the very same lines as Michael Brown and must admit that had not my friend mentioned it, I would not have known.  His name was Dillan Taylor and it was found in the Washington Times and it did not mention any charges being sought against the cop who killed him.  One can only assume that it was because the cop was black and the man was Hispanic or white which made the difference between protesting nationally and dying quietly.

The second question is why now have those who seek to dethrone Reverent Al Sharpton just now coming out?  Could it be because they need someone to blame or they just don’t know what to say.  My friend was right, there was no major coverage of that shooting and that is far from fair and there were no mention or even comment from Rev Al about it that I am aware of, so does that mean we need to burn him at the stake?  I know that it is truly worth asking him about it and maybe we will learn that the visits by Rev. Sharpton are coordinated by a staff member who prefers for Mr. Sharpton to be only at black events.  It is worthy of investigating and I think Mr. Sharpton should be asked to comment. 

What I do not care for is the character assassination because there is no room for that.  You might not like what another does or might just not be able to stomach that person but that does not give anyone the right to demean or belittle that person.  There are a lot of things that goes on which burns my toast but that does not give me the right to spit upon them or discourage anyone else form being around them.  This is the language that we must erase because it is the language like this that makes all of us disguised with ourselves. 


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