Presidential Move that you won’t hear about on Cable News Political Shows

To say that this president does not get the credit he deserves is a gross understatement and many in the media and the public blames it on his refusal to truly toot his own horn.  He doesn’t have a mass amount of people waving a flag and announcing how much has changed since he took office and to be honest many in the public don’t really care to hear about it anyway.  Not when it is better to hate and despise this president when makes many think raises page views or viewership numbers.  Controversy sells like sex which is why you see so many barely clothed women in advertising for men.  Sad to say but to be completely honest with you, none of this works in today’s world anymore.  As a matter of fact, it often backfires but you would also never hear that coming from ad executives who find it easier to stay with yesterday’s trends instead of being creative.  Barely clothed women in today’s society only make men disregard them more and search for those wearing less and less not because they are looking for anyone to settle down with but just to have a little fun with.  Make no mistake, you are not the one he will be taking home to meet mom.  The same can be said for controversy, it is not the driver of the bottom line anymore and many are beginning to change the channel on it as well.  Consider this the next time you see your numbers dropping as not because of less controversial shows or topics but just simply because people are getting so full of bad news every time they switch on their television set.  Having said all that let me now get back to the purpose of this article.

As reported by a letter sent from Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell “Just now, the President took action to protect a place called Bristol Bay, Alaska. Here's why that matters:  It places a national treasure -- and one of the nation's most productive fisheries -- off limits for oil and gas leasing. Alaskans have been fighting to preserve Bristol Bay for decades. Today, we got it done. 
Bristol Bay helps to produce 40 percent of America's wild-caught seafood each year. It supports $2 billion every year in commercial fishing, and supports good jobs in sport-fishing and tourism. 
These waters are beautiful and valuable, and today's action will ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy their bounty.  It's a big deal. Watch the President's announcement, and take a look at these photos of the place this Administration just took definitive action to protect:  This is Bristol Bay, Alaska, a national treasure that President Obama is protecting for all of us”.  But this you will not hear on any of the famed cable political news networks unless of course they can find someone who is against this and have plenty to say as to how he is over-stepping his bounds and how it harms the economy.  Anything to draw a difference because that is what sells right?

Here’s another one that you will not see on cable political news shows from CNN. “U.S. contractor Alan Gross, held by the Cuban government since 2009, was freed Wednesday as part of a landmark deal with Cuba that paves the way for a major overhaul in U.S. policy toward the island, senior administration officials tells CNN.  President Obama is expected to announce Gross' release at noon.  Gross' "humanitarian" release by Cuba was accompanied by a separate spy swap, the officials said. Cuba also freed a U.S. intelligence source who has been jailed in Cuba for more than 20 years, although authorities did not identify that person for security reasons. The U.S. released three Cuban intelligence agents convicted of espionage in 2001.  President Barack Obama is also set to announce a broad range of diplomatic and regulatory measures in what officials called the most sweeping change in U.S. policy toward Cuba since the 1961 embargo was imposed.  For a President who took office promising to engage Cuba, the move could help shape Obama's foreign policy legacy”.

Again think of the everlasting ramifications of this move.  Cuban Americans have always been looking for a way to connect and stay connected with those back home and Cuba has always been a most desired vacation spot for Americans.  If this president is able to work things out with Cuba, image all the businesses that will be able to sell to one of our closest neighbors and the benefits gained but again, who are we kidding?   No one will hear of this and it will not be a top story unless the media finds some big time mouthpiece to condemn this move.  Need an example, how about two.  This administration finally got China to sign to a deal about climate change and it was only fill-in.  This administration has been cleaning up loose nukes for months now and it isn’t even mentioned.  How’s that for reporting the news as it happens.


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