Texas man old work truck in the hands of ISIL Final Piece of the Puzzle

Not many ordinary Americans can say that they were the key to finally bringing down ISIL but a Texas man may just be the key that authorities have been looking for  to finally dismantle the group.  Much is known about ISIL but still more could be learned.  It was always rumored that their financing came from several cloaked and dagger institution and individuals but this slight oversight by those who have terrorized many may just be that loose thread.

In an article titled ”Texas Plumber Isn't Sure How Extremists In Syria Ended Up With His Work Truck” by Ryan Grenoble for The Huffington Post, it is reported that “a Texas plumber says he has no idea how his company's work truck ended up in the hands of Islamic extremists in Syria. The truck, a black Ford F-250 with the logo for Texas City's Mark-1 Plumbing emblazoned on the door, appeared in a tweet posted Monday by the Ansar al-Deen Front, a jihadist group operating near Aleppo. In the photo, a man fires an anti-aircraft gun mounted to the bed of the truck, presumably where plumbing equipment used to sit.  Jeff Oberholtzer, the son of the owner of Mark-1 Plumbing, told the Texas outlet The Galveston Daily News that the company sold the truck to AutoNation in October 2013, believing the auto retailer would remove the plumbing decals -- a step Oberholtzer normally does himself, but didn't do this time. He says he has no idea how the vehicle ended up in Syria.  Reached for comment by The Huffington Post on Wednesday, an AutoNation spokesman denied any direct involvement with the truck's odd destination. He said the company sent the truck to be sold at auction, and that it traded hands repeatedly before apparently ending up in Syria.  Oberholtzer told media that Mark-1 has received more than a thousand calls and faxes, some of them threatening, since the Ansar al-Deen Front's tweet circulated Monday”.

Mr. Oberholtzer’s failure to remove his father’s company information may just be the best thing that has happened in the fight with ISIL.  Now we have a clear path to ISIL and it can be easily tracked and traced.  Thanks should probably to express to the individual who took and tweeted that photo.  Not sure if it was their intention to help bring down ISIL but if it wasn’t then who ever tweeted the photo has other major issues to deal with now because of it.  I personally do not think the Texas man had anything to do with it but several avenues are wide open for authorities now.  First the truck itself should leave a clear trail for them to follow not to mention those who made the final transaction which handed the keys over is a direct link.  Find the individual or individuals who handed over the keys to the black F-250 and now you have the “Lord of War” with obvious connection to individuals here in the United States.  Imagine all the documentation it took to ship that truck overseas, time to connect the dots.  This is a classic example of how evil can never hide and will always be exposed.  Looks like ISIL’s time of terror is swiftly coming to an end, wonder who will be next.


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