Hey America, still think that nothing you do or say affect others, think again

Contrary to all that you were told and wish to believe, any decision you make does have an effect on others, either directly or indirectly.  So many examples of this have been used in other articles before but I still don’t think you get it so I am here to try to educate again.

Think about the laws made in our state houses and congress and please tell me how they do not affect other people.  Think about the decision that you make to speed which prevents you from stopping in time to avoid that child who closely follows that bouncing ball into the street and then tell me how your decision did not affect another.  How about this recent post by Jason Marcum which reads “the former Bengals receiver helped bring Christmas spirit to one woman who needed it most.  You may have heard about the sizable tip former Bengals receiver Chad Johnson left a lucky waitress over the weekend. The former Bengals great gave a $300 tip on a $351.92 bill, helping a woman on what he considered a "slow" Sunday. Johnson also added an "I Love You" message on the tip, too.  Apparently, his act of kindness did more than just give a lucky lady a nice tip for her troubles. Another woman who saw what Johnson did Instagram messaged him, saying that the tip and kind message prevented her from taking her own life and committing suicide”.

So what does this means to a maverick like you, think twice before making any decision because it will affect another person and if you still think that what you are about to do is worth it.  Please do not whine or cry when that decision is found to have affected another person in often a worse way.  Too often we are courageous in making a decision but cowardly when it comes to taking responsibility for that decision.  We are quick to point the finger at others and direct their attention to any mistakes they make but get really upset when the roles are reversed.  Why is that?

Could it be because we are so self-absorbed that we cannot see any wrong we do and think that we are such a legend that we can’t make mistakes, or is it because we do not know and understand that making a mistake is a good thing?  It’s like pain within our bodies.  The pain clues us into the fact that the body needs our attention and if we heed that pain’s request, our bodies heal and we feel much better.  The same can be said about mistakes we make.  It’s a call that we need to address something within ourselves and when we heed that call, we feel better and our soul heals.  Try this, pay very close attention to how you feel when you have done something wrong and the difference when you admit to it.  Wow, what a concept eh?


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