To All Good Cops, This is your Wake up Call

Recent articles on cops being judge, jury and executioner and getting away with it, has made so many paint entire departments with the same broad brush.  These are the same people who say that evils done by a portion of any community paints the entire community is wrong.  How can anyone say that what one percent does makes the other ninety-nine percent just as guilty?  We need to stop judging the entire world by the actions of a few.  There is a story which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are good cops out there, putting their lives on the line just like the bad ones except the good ones do not pre-judge people based on color or economic conditions.

The story was brought to us by Fox News 17 out of Nashville, Tennessee titled “Woman Caught Stealing Food for Family Gets Police Delivered Donations”  It took place in Tarrant, AL and reports that “a woman who stole three eggs and the officer who decided to help and not arrest her are topping national headlines. After job losses, she couldn't make enough money to feed her five grandchildren who had not eaten in days. Now people all over the world are lining up to help.”  This article tells of a police officer, his partner, his department and so many people of all races in and outside of her community coming together to help a fellow human being.  This officer did not arrest her but paid for the eggs and spent hours upon hours on the phone with people all over this nation coordinating more food deliveries.  He did not do this because of the bad press but because that is the type of person that he is.  Never has one family cried, hugged and thanked people and God so much.  

We need more stories like this, not only about cops but also about the real humans who inhabit this earth.  There is more good that goes on than we are ever exposed to because good stories seems to not impress those in charge of choosing news agencies top stories.  That is where the problem is and that is where our world is going wrong.  If all anyone hears is bad, then it is very safe to say that this is all that they are going to think we all are about and we wonder why some in other countries don’t see us in a better light.  Oh and did I mention that the lady who was not arrested or shot dead was black and the cop, his partner and the majority of his department was white?  To all good cops, time to step up and stand up, take back your department from those who makes all of you in blue look bad.


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