How to Deal with today’s Era Police

With all of the stories about police brutality, many wonder what can be done to stem or even change this behavior.  They often times research the policies and procedures of police to find the answer but sometimes the answer could be as plain as the nose on your face.  Here is a suggestion for those who encounter today’s era police where they are very much aware that nothing they do will ever see the light of a court room.  Remember the old saying that you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar; well the same is true in this case.  If you are a religious person, use the lessons from the Bible when dealing with not only hostile and angry police but any hostile or angry person.

Stay humble, make your point but do not argue because you will not win.  Officers have a catch-all crime that they can use to charge you with and still keep themselves convinced that they did no wrong.  The charge is resisting arrest coupled with assaulting an officer.  Remember the law says that if you place your hands on another person that is considered assault so any physical contact between you and the officer will be enough to have those without a spine in the district attorney’s office to say they were justified.

No need to say anything and don’t agree to or sign anything, just sit there and keep record of all that they do and say.  This will help make your case stronger and better for when you find an attorney and take them to court.  If these cities and states wish to go bankrupt because they do not wish to properly train and implement better officers on the beat, then so be it.  The quieter you are the less they can say you said.  To argue with police is madness because whether you are in the right or not, there will be more statements filed against you for no other reason than the thin blue line.  Your answers to their questions should always be short and sweet, no more, no less.  Keep respectful no matter how disrespectful you feel that they are.  Never let anyone or anything make you into someone you are not.  Maintain your right for counsel and keep asking for your attorney.  Interviews must be taped and eventually someone will tape your conversation with the police, if you continue to ask for a lawyer then you will pave the way for a positive judgment in your favor later and what better way to win than to beat your opponent at their own game.

Who knows, you might be surprised and find that one good cop that is on every watch and in every precinct.  That one good cop who see you as more than just a thug, criminal or perp.  That one good cop who steps up and stops the bad ones from making more of a mess of their profession and making each and every cop in each and every police station in the world look bad.  To sop bad cops you are going to have to find the good ones but often times we concentrate so much on the bad ones, the good ones often times get over looked.  They are there, trust me on that, they just do not know how to correct the problem from the inside or they have been fighting to do just that for so long, they have given up.  Restore their faith in their profession and the faith we should have in those hired to serve and protect.  Restore it by not giving them what they desire, a loud-mouth, angry and resistant person to bully.


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