American Journalist Death more about Over-zealous Media than Failed Rescue

Has anyone else noticed that journalist’s deaths follow closely after news reports about that individual and posted interviews with that journalist’s family.  I thought at first it was just another one of my senior moments but think about it.  For over a year, Luke Somers were held as a captive in Yemen but no one knew anything about it in the public domain because no one was reporting on it.  Only after news agencies began to paste this man’s photo and story all over the news did he lose his life.  Makes me wonder if those who held him were privy to the information media had accumulated.

Another tact that the media has taken is to consider this a failed rescue attempt implying that the rescue attempt caused Mr. Somers’ death.  I’ve got to wonder what makes this rescue attempt a failure.  Was it because they did not bring him back alive or was it because someone knew they were coming before they got there?  There must be something because many news agencies now are questioning anyone and everyone with the same fervor taunting a failed rescue attempt.  Here is an article written Sara Fischer for CNN titled “Lawmakers defend failed hostage rescue mission in Yemen”.  It reports that “Lawmakers from both parties defended the Obama administration's attempt to rescue American journalist Luke Somers early Sunday morning, even though the dangerous mission did not result in saving Somer's life.  American photojournalist Luke Somers and South African Pierre Korkie, a teacher who was reportedly set to be released on Sunday, were fatally shot in the compound by terrorists as the secret mission unfolded, a U.S. official said Sunday.  Some critics have argued, in light of recent hostage killings, the administration should reconsider its policy not to negotiate ransoms with terrorist organizations.”

So what do you say media, now we should pay a ransom and keep funding the very group we are trying to dismantle?  


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