Supreme Court dealt major blow to Civil Rights, will it repeat it with Women’s Rights

It was reported that “last week the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the Peggy Young v. UPS case to determine whether employers have to make accommodations for a worker who needs them because of pregnancy.”  It further reports that “Peggy, a UPS delivery driver, became pregnant and her doctor recommended she take a hiatus from lifting heavy boxes until after giving birth. However, Peggy was denied temporary light duty and forced to take unpaid leave by the company.   Under this bill, pregnant women will be able to request reasonable accommodations for pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions without the fear of being fired—a privilege that isn't included under current law.”

We all should know by now how this court has made wide-ranging and volatile rulings especially when it comes to civil rights but a few of us are still holding out hope that those whose task is to interpret the law will not be guilty of over-reach again.  Not for something that is so fundamentally a right for women and the men who loves them.  Surely we will not have a repeat nor will we?

Only time and nine justices will tell but past experience is making some fear that long reach of judicial activism which has plagued this court for quite some time now.  Well we have another four three split and watch another basic human right fall by the wayside


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