What all People should know when dealing with Police?

I was reminded of something that I had noticed but not written about when I saw a video on Facebook from Randall Anderson and in it was a scene of two people just getting out of jail being re-arrested.  It sparked a thought of why and the truth behind one man telling police that they were trespassing to invoke immediate action from those law enforcement personnel present.  The caption on the video reads “Just got out of JAIL!  So me and the gentleman Mercutio Terrell Southall Sr. were just released from Homewood, Alabama Jail.... Let me know what we did wrong... We were literally 5 feet from MY car trying to leave. He was headed to his motorcycle to leave and was stopped by the officer. Why they beat this man like that?!?!”

Now while I cannot tell you exactly where I think the cops were wrong besides the fact of never trying to act as mediator in disputes as they should be seen and going right for a take-down and arrest.  I know that when we pull up, the fact that we are there is the first form of force and if properly conducted could be the only form needed in many situations.  I know that we are ambassadors of the city and carry with us the reputation of that city, the governing body and its citizens each and every time we put that uniform on.  I know that we are supposed to be “peacemakers” not “law-breakers” and definitely not any force that tramps all over anyone’s rights.  I know that but what I think all people should began to understand is until we can fix this current issue with over-zealous officers and non-existing responsibility for their actions, there is a few things that they must do to help get to the fix.

Number one thing that they need to do is always remain a safe distance away so that recording the event does not infringe of any officers right to be extremely aggressive.  Number two is to listen carefully to what any officer tells you and if you must ask a question, asks them where or how far they wish for you to step away.  If that is not the question you wish to ask then keep your mouth shut and comply or don’t complain when you get arrested too.  You see, citizens, you play a key role in helping all those who want to see this end getting to that end.  You do not serve but to make the situation worse by debating or antagonizing.  You speak of civil disobedience but to that police officer, it is a violation of a rule of failure to comply which allows him or her to arrest you.  You have just given them the right to put their hands on you where otherwise it could have been clearly them assaulting you.  You need to know your battleground before you engage anyone.

Remember you have the power when you just go along to get into court and then you can get not only your justice but maybe even get justice for all those that those officers mistreated in the past.  You will never win in an altercation or confrontation with police in the street but you can win in court so instead of begging them not to arrest you, go peacefully and smile for the camera because if you allow them to, those who use the uniform to disrespect the good officers and the good ones who has gone before them, will always convict themselves in time.


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