American Media is Dick Cheney’s ATM

Richard Bruce "Dick" Cheney is the happiest man in the world these days.  He’s the happiest because whenever torture or terrorism is made Top Story in the news, he gets to add to his ever-growing bank account.  Dick Cheney is showing all business people how they can get rich by just being relevant and many others are beginning to listen. 

With the release of the Senate’s report of torture, Mr. Cheney’s calendar has now become full because everyone wishes to talk with him about his role and he is more than happy to do it because they have got to pay him for his time.  Taxpayers have also are on the hook for his security detail and probably much of the travel cost to and from these interviews.  To say that the creators of the Bush-Era Enhanced Interrogation Techniques are the ones who has made millions, is nothing compared to the money Dick Cheney makes each and every time torture or even terrorism comes up.  Not to mention the pension he receives from the taxpayers for serving as Vice-President and other high ranking government offices.

In his interview with Chuck Todd on "Meet the Press" statements like considering the 9/11 attacks, not waterboarding, to be torture and saying that even with the knowledge of today, he would do it all again the very same way means that his stock is going up and only when the media stop chasing this man, will he have to resort to only storing away the millions of dollars his pensions give him instead of padding it with the money they have to pay him.  One can plainly see why he would keep saying the outrageous things he says because the more outrageous he is, the more he can request from interviewers who wish to sit across from him.  One can also understand why he would say that he would do it all again because the lives lost were not any one close to him and we all know that he avoided putting his life on the line during his younger days.

To think that Dick Cheney is a simple man would be to grossly underestimate this man.  He is very wise and intelligent because even though he should be considered as not and never an expert in anything except some sort of magician using smoke and mirrors, he is smart enough to keep himself relevant and probably smirks all the way to the bank each and every time.  He takes the media’s money and gives them nothing new to report except a bunch of known lies which none of them are ever able to tie him down with.  Those who closely watches people like Dick Cheney are becoming to understand how to treat the media and the more he talks the more he is even able to convince many of those he sits down with.  A simple man or woman would never be able to do that, it would take a master and the more they call upon him to speak the better at his craft he gets.  Talk about never learning from history.


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