3 Year old Remembers Past Life and Solves his own Murder

Wrote a story about 3 days ago titled “Another Reason not to Fear Death” and posted it to http://mannsmedium.blogspot.com.  I am sure that many who read it was thinking that I had something else mixed with my Pepsi but as I said so many times before.  Thoughts of how we are more connected to each other, this world and the universe are not always reasons to have someone committed or locked away in a padded cell.  Sometimes thoughts can lead you to discovery that may have escaped the mainstream or you avoided simply because it frightens you to know that those you see every day are as much a part of you as you are.  Many refuse to admit that we are all one with the same father but different earthly moms and dads but like Jesus, we are spirits created by God and cared for by him. 

The reason I brought this up and decided to pen another similar article is simply to showcase a story posted on Facebook by a friend of mine.  I don’t know if she read my article but this one may just provide some with a reason to pause.  It is titled “3-Year-Old Remembers Being Murdered In a Past Life And Leads Adults To Proof” written by an Unknown Author for Earth Wear One.com originally featured on: www.opposingviews.com.  In it we read “A young boy in the Golan Heights claimed that he knew how he died in his past life, and despite some skepticism, he was apparently able to help bring the murderer to justice. According to the Epoch Times, a 3-year-old boy living in the Golan Heights, on the border of Syria and Israel, told others in his village that he was murdered with an axe in his past life. The story was told by a witness to German therapist Trutz Hardo, who went on to author a book about children and reincarnation. Hardo says that Dr. Eli Lasch, who witnessed this particular situation, told him about it before he died.  The boy allegedly told others that he had been killed by a man with an axe in his past life, and because the people in his community took claims like that very seriously, they asked him what else he knew about that life. The boy reportedly took a group of people to the village where he was born, identified his killer, and even led them to the murder weapon. The 3-year-old apparently remembered the killer’s name, and when they confronted him, the killer reportedly turned white.  To make this story even stranger, the 3-year-old allegedly led the others to a body that he says was his past one. While that may seem a little far-fetched, villagers say the skeleton had a wound in the same area that the young boy had a birthmark.  Dr. Eli Lasch recalled this story to Hardo, who wrote about it in his book, and while some believe that it may not be true, others say it could provide some powerful proof into just how intuitive young children are”.

Now I know that skeptics will say that you can find anything on the internet and not all stories you find are true or even factual but let’s just assume that this is true.  What it tells us is that the idea that if you spend your time here on earth or any planet with a strong belief in Jesus as Lord and treating others as you would like to be treated, your soul will return.  It also may explain why we are born with a birthmark.  If you fail to heed this and keep treating everyone like they are here to only serve you, place material things above doing the right thing or just plain wish to assume that all your decisions only affect you then so be it.  I think that the souls of those who do this do not return and will only be kept locked away and suffering far more than any suffering they caused while in the flesh.  An earthly death will only take away this body which is only used as temporary housing for the soul and to give us something tangible to touch.  The essence of all of us is our soul and that can only be taken by God himself and never owned by man.  So stand firm and do not allow the threat of death to stop you from doing what you know is right.  Man can only take the body but he can never take your soul.  The soul is the precious gift that we are all blessed with having and all that is asked is that we protect it as best we can. 


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