The True Face of Terrorism

There are those who are running around now trying so very hard to figure out the terrorist next moves but never once considering that they already know what that next move will be.  Yes America we do but we will not act until after it happens and then we will claim to have missed the signs.  To give you a hint, it’s like most things we do when we over-indulge. 

We try and get the inside track in the minds of a terrorist when there is truly no such thing.  Simply put people, it is simply the mind of a man or a woman who happens to claim Islam or Christianity or Judaism as their faith.  That is all it is.  If you wish to truly understand the mind of a terrorist, then simply apply what is going on to the workings of the mind of a person.  If one is hurt or injured in any way, they tend to strike out at anything or anyone that they can.  The perception of hurt varies with individuals so many times one may not know for sure if what they perceive from another is hurt or just simply disappointment so they do nothing.  That ladies and gentlemen is where the problem lies and where we just may find the solution.

Stop treating people like they are less than you and start treating them like they have feelings and the right to breathe just as you.  Stop pretending that because you have millions and those around you do not that this places you in a much higher position than others because in reality it does not.  Stop thinking and treating people like they have to conform to your standards of living in order to be worthy of any peace because the sun nor the moon rises and shines based on you.  This is where the problem lies and the solutions can be found.

You will never erase evil because evil is necessary for us to be able to recognize good but you can control its influence by just simply calling a spade a spade and keeping it as simple as possible.  Amedy Coulbaly attacked that market and that police officer not because he was trying to send a message for ISIL or any other group.  He did it because he made that choice and if you look carefully at the very instant of his demise, he never once thought that he would die in the process.  The lady who was reported to have been by his side, we now know she wasn’t but you can bet she was the one who released his recent video.  What was the point some may ask.  Was it because she or they were trying to send a message?  No, it was simply so that she could receive the money promised all those who died as a martyr for ISIL.  She and others like her could truly care less about their ideas just keep the checks coming.

Another question that seems to be ignored by those who are supposed to know so much, why are the targets of many places by these well-trained terrorists appears to be always Jewish and fellow Muslims?  Is it because they think these targets to be easier and that no one would care much about this part of our society?  Is it because they see these sections of society as weaker?  No, it is simply because they have come to believe by idiots calling themselves Imams that their style of Muslims may not be the chosen ones and that those who they think are the chosen ones must be wiped out in order so that they can take their place.

This is nothing new.  The terrorist mind-set is as old as this planet because it is the very same thing we have been experiencing since God created all heaven and earth.  It’s called evil people and it is performed and committed by people regardless of the label we put on them.  The real true mind of a terrorist is the exact same real and true mind of you, it’s just the terrorist decided to kill and you decided not to.


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