Meet Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush’s New 2016 Running Mate

Things were kind of falling into place when there was a story about Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney meeting and then there was the story titled “Jeb Bush snags top Mitt Romney Iowa strategist David Kochel” by Benjy Sarlin and Kasie Hunt but now it seems to have come full circle with the story titled “Mitt Romney is not Running for President in 2016” by Daniel Strauss for Talking Points Memo.  Many will now be asking why and to me the answer is clear.  Those wizards behind the curtain are prepared to spend billions of dollars on this round of elections and the last thing they need is a bruised and battered candidate.  They favor the younger crowd but know that after what America has just endured, someone without any kind of experience will not make it through the general elections, so they hedge their bets and last time Romney killed any chance of him ever being president when he made so many major blunders even though only a few of them was captured for prosperity.

The answer then can only be one thing; a person who just can’t help but seek the lime light is stepping back from the job he had wanted all his life for one reason and one reason only.  He is prepared to take the role and Vice President, hone his skills and then move into the bigger seat at the table.  Now not being an expert like so many who report, I can only attribute this to a layman’s view and in that arena, the picture is clear.  Now there may be a few who step up to challenge Romney for the second spot on the ticket and there may be times where Jeb may think about choosing another person but you can bet that somewhere in those meetings, the idea of a Bush/Romney Ticket was discussed and a choice was made.

What are the chances of this ticket being successful?  I would say decent but not inevitable because the top guy on the ticket is going to have to prove to the general public that he is nothing like those Republicans who say secure the border while attending rallies with signs that say Illegal go Home.  He has got to prove to the general public that he is nothing like his brother and will not go all out to start a war with a country that disrespected his father when he was in office.  He has got to prove to the general public that he has plans to keep America moving forward instead of just plans to undo all that has been done.  He has got to prove that equality, justice and fairness is more than just a catch phrase but actually means something near and dear to him.  He has got to prove that he is free to think for himself and not allow his office to be run by those who think that only their way is the right way.  He has got to prove that he can stand firm against even his own party if their direction will do more harm than good to the country he is leading.  That my friends, is a very tall order.

His new running mate has to do only one thing, which we all know will be very hard for him since he craves the lime light.  All Romney has to do is sit quietly in the background and say nothing.  Personally if I had to guess on which one would accomplish these goals, even with all that Bush has to do, I would still take him over Romney staying quiet in the background and not screwing the entire arrangement up.


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