Breaking News: Terrorist Attack in France and what it means

Media going crazy over this new attack in France and some of the experts that they are listening too seems to truly have the cart before the horse.  I say that because the word is being quickly spread that this is some kind of Al-Quada or ISIL planned attack because of the somewhat cool and calm way it was perpetrated.  No one truly knows the real reason for it but to think this is from those previous mentioned forces makes me wish that those who agree to come on would at least take a few more minutes to consider all that they have in front of them right now.

You have at least three shooters who exited a vehicle, killed several people then escaped.  This is not what is expected from either of those previously mentioned groups.  What it is one person who met several other like-minded people and decided to strike back at something that they knew.  Only one had to know anything about the target and the others went along to provide support and watch the other’s backs.  Look closely at those who used to work there but someone who did not work there long.  Look for those who are able to convince financiers that this was a good target and knew quite well the response time of police or other authorities.  From the video, it appeared that even one lost their shoe getting out of the car which tells me that this was their first time attempting something like this.  It appears also safe to say that if they are not caught quickly, it will not be their last.

Right now they are sitting back absorbing the news stories about them and thinking that they are free and clear but soon they will learn the very same lesson that all learn, nothing in this life is free and nothing comes clear.  The fact that they used the vehicle that they did and the shoe should lead authorities directly to their door.  Remember no other attacker claiming connection with any of those groups before covered their faces and those who did so did so on camera knowing that they would be posted all over the internet.  This was clearly, at least to me, a person who knew about the inner workings of this magazine and had a grudge with some still there, using this opportunity to pay them back for a wrong that they felt was directed toward them.  Many will look at the art that this magazine put out and think that has something to do with it while I think the current evidence shows that this is not the case.

What this means is more and more uncoordinated but better coordinated attacks to and countries like France for majorly no other reason than to attempt to draw them back into an occupation of another country.  Riches are made by those behind the scene when the world appears to be at war and those riches will be missed especially since both wars are ended.  Try not looking too deep and began with what you know, only then can you close the gap between those who plan and those who are captured.  But then I could be just like those I rail against here and be wrong too.


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