Why that Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) is your best bet to elevate your Business

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the rank structure in our military and do not know what a non-commissioned officer is, let me explain.  There are your commissioned officers beginning at Warrant Officer to General (W-1 to O-10) and then there is your Staff Non-Commissioned Officers ranking from Enlisted 6 (E-6) to Enlisted 9 (E-9).  There are your lower enlisted ranks of Private, Private First Class and Lance Corporal (E-1 to E-3 respectively) and finally you’re Non-Commissioned Officers which is Corporals (E-4) to Sergeants (E-5).  There are particular requirements to obtain these ranks and move up much of it is mostly time in grade/rank and time in service.  There was a time where only those who showed pure leadership was allowed to grab that next rung of the ladder and move up but that time was swiftly taken over by being the quietest of having slightly more resources than the others.  You had to keep your head down and not make any waves if you wanted to rise in the ranks and many were and are able to do just that.

When I talk about those non-commissioned officers who are your best bet to elevate your business, I am not talking about those who remain silent when they see things that are not right happening in front of them.  I am talking about those who refuse to allow injury or harm to come to anyone who seems defenseless against those who appear to bully all those that they believe is inferior.  What I am talking about is a strong, go-getter who stands for right over might.  Who can lead by example and win the hearts of men and women who see them in action.  I’m talking about that hard-charging person who stops at nothing to get the job done unless that nothing is hurting another human being.  You see business owners, you can still become the number one business within your industry and enjoy a relaxed position without destroying your enemy which often times happens to be another American business and your brother in business.

Non-Commissioned Officers have spent years working directly on that front line and the decision that they make has an immediate and lasting effect upon those that work with or for them as well as the industry that they have chosen to toil in.  All others are somewhat removed from this front line and is often controlling things from behind the curtain.  Not your non-commissioned officer, he/she stands right out there with you, arm in arm, step by step.  Now why this is what any business will need to elevate is because they have first-hand knowledge of what small but significant change could be made to take that business to the next level.  They see the need for these changes each and every day while those perched upon the higher branches has to be advised of these needs.  Often business will suffer greatly because those perched upon the higher branches may never receive the information that a change is needed until it is far too late and the real damage has already occurred.

The non-commissioned officer has one other set of unique skill set that your ordinary citizen does not.  He or she has performed this task under the most stressful of situations and often without personal affect.  Business owners wish to believe that their business requires someone who can handle stress on a daily basis but they do not know stress until they have attempted to keep a group of 30 to 150 individuals united while dodging bullets and bombs.  Chaos is a way of life for the non-commissioned officer and after the first couple of times, it becomes necessary for them to do their jobs best.  Nothing offered in the civilian world could ever equal that which one encounters within our armed services and because of that no college degree will ever replace that style of knowledge because in the end when all is said and done, when all the dust has cleared, there will find only those who are truly the backbone of any unit.  You will find standing that non-commissioned officer.  Now isn’t that the kind of image you want for your company?


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