Ex-CIA Agent Proves his Expertise in Incompetence

It’s not often you see anyone on Fox News and in Newsmax that is really an expert in the subject that they are often interviewed about but this story is one where they did talk to an expert in that field.  I’m talking about an article written by Sean Piccoli for Newsmax titled “Ex-CIA Agent: Yemen Shows Obama's 'Shocking Incompetence'

Now before many of you blow a gasket, check out the story because you will find that Mr. Gary Berntsen is unquestionable and expert in incompetence.  The article reads “The fall of Yemen's pro-U.S. government to Muslim rebels reportedly backed by Iran lays bare the strategic folly of a president who just months ago hailed Yemen as a "model" Arab democracy and an "ideal" partner against jihadist terrorism, a former CIA station chief told Newsmax TV on Friday.  "Unbelievable," Gary Berntsen, who led the CIA team hunting Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan, told "MidPoint" host Ed Berliner, shaking his head at what he called the Obama administration's "misreading" of a situation that was obviously dire even before the Yemeni government collapsed.  Yemen "has been mishandled terribly by the administration," said Berntsen. "The president didn't even mention it the other night in the State of the Union as this thing was coming apart. We all knew it was coming apart. It's all pretty shocking; it's just shocking incompetence."

Why, you may be asking, do I say that this man is an expert in incompetence, simply because this is the same man who led the CIA team hunting Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan?  We all know that bin Laden was not found in Afghanistan but in Pakistan.  We also know that for a number of years no one could find him and since this was the man in charge, it was he and his inept team that allowed bin Laden to elude capture for so long.  If this is not enough for you to conclude that he was incompetent then I do not know how much more evidence you would require.  I guess this is truly a case of “the pot calling the kettle black”.  You were placed in charge of finding the most wanted man in the world and failed at it for so long and so many times, yet you feel you have the clarity to call out this president as incompetent.  It would be a laughable moment, if it wasn’t so sad. 

Believe it or not this guy also ranted on about other things, he thought he was also qualified to speak on but then I guess those things are for another article when he will be asked to step in front of another journalist or camera and spew his expert venom.


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