Obama to Democrats, Liberals and Progressives Stop whining and Grow a Pair

Now let me make this absolutely clear, there is no record of President Obama ever saying this to anyone but if I had my way, this would be exactly what I would tell all of them.  Not because I wanted to create a riff in the organization but because it is high time those who call themselves representing these groups on television stop seeking the president to solve all of their problems and grow up by solving them themselves.

I say this because I hear it all over every media, that congress failed to get something pushed through or stop something from getting through then going on television to lay the responsibility of stopping what they could not at the foot of this president.  Look at where this country was when he was inaugurated and look at where it is today.  All those who said his agenda was too ambitious and would never happen are often found now sitting quietly in some corner of a darken room with their heads up their butts.  Sure there are some promises he made that have not come to past yet but is that any reason to erase all of the promises that have?  For those who lack a certain male part, yes but for those who are keeping their eyes open and seeing every movement of this president the answer is no.

Nation’s economy dangling from a cliff but with cash for clunkers, change in motor vehicle standards and a tight rein on the money taxpayers loaned out changed all that but guess what no one cares.  What is the biggest issue, is not one of those responsible sentenced to any time or seeing the inside of any court room.  This is all that they seem to care about and of course the media is only going to show controversy and never compromise.  Ending of the two wars America was involved in and now that the longest war is over, no mention of it in the media, no ticker-tape parade, no nothing because no one cares.  Their biggest concern now, the Keystone XL pipeline.  The stock market was bottoming out but now it has never been higher, health care costs grows at the slowest ever, states welcoming gay marriages and minimum wage increases, other nations find that flexing their muscle at the United States nets them nothing but a sore arm and of course months and months of steady job growth but still no one cares.  There issue God only knows.

This president revealed to the Democrats, the liberals and the progressives the yellow brick road and all they had to do was get up off their butts and campaign for those who would step up to the plate and swing for those fences to keep this going but they all failed.  They were routed not because they did not have any good news to spread, there were more than enough.  They were routed because they did not possess the stones to stand up against the tide and fight for they knew was the right direction of this country.  They coward in their little corners afraid of the big bad trends and Republicans with their tails tucked between their legs and after getting what they deserve, now they come out swing at the head of this president.  Talking about that they didn’t think this president has their backs but how can anyone guard anything that you keep pressed so hard to the wall.  Please do all of us a favor, either grow a pair or shut the heck up, you are annoying and making the rest of us look bad.


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