Authorities add more Fuel to the Fire of Racial Tensions in America

Nothing annoys me more than those who are hired be proactive and prevents things from ever escalating sitting on their hands, watching things grow and doing nothing until someone loses a life.  These are the same people who steps in front of the cameras and claim that they care about this nation and its citizens.  How can you care about something and stay cowering on the sideline while those whom you are supposed to care for are hurt or killed?

Classic example can be found in an article titled “The Cleveland 'Heartless Felons' Gang Issues Threat Against White Police Officers” written by Tom Edathikunnel for an Unknown Publication.  In the article it is reported that “the threat orders members to avenge black lives taken by white police officers.  Cleveland’s notorious Heartless Felons gang has issued its members orders to kill white police officers to avenge the black victims of police brutality inflicted by white police offices, including the November 21 Tamir Rice shooting, Cleveland officials state. The Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office received a credible tip that they deemed a threat and have reached out to local police departments, according to The Sheriff’s office spokesman John O’Brien would not say where or when they received the threat and declined to give specific information, fearing it would only benefit the gang.  Notorious for violence, the Heartless Felons is the second-largest prison gang in the state and is connected to numerous street crimes throughout the city, according to the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. also reports that The Solon Police Department has posted a safety notice for its officers regarding the threat.  “This is a time period of turbulence and unrest that we have not experienced in a long time,” the notice states. “Be extra careful to watch your backs, on duty and off.”

And it is a wonder why so many cops are now shooting first and asking questions later, we wonder why so many things will now appear to look like a gun even if it has never been found to be one at all.  Can anyone recall a gentleman being gunned down in his front yard while using a water hose to water his newly planted trees?  Probably not because our focus is so diluted and diverse that we seldom take time to even consider what we ate for dinner yesterday.  This prison gang group like the New Black Panther Party has now pasted even more targets on the backs of black men and boys with a slant as if they are helping to solve the problem.  Either you will be a solution or an addition to a problem and groups like the one mentioned above are doing nothing except adding to the distance we now will have to travel if we are to ever see all races as equal.  But the saddest part of this entire thing is the authorities who could have and still can stop this epidemic from spreading but refuse to because of their own personal agendas.

Ever wonders how the drug cartels got so large and grew so strong or groups like ISIL?  Well America pay attention, school is in session.  In the beginning when prison gangs were known to have a link to outside the gates crimes, authorities had a responsibility to hold them accountable even while they were serving time.  They could have elected to add years to their sentence or remove rights and privileges from those having a hand in doing evil from within the prison walls but they refused and no one had the stones to even attempt it.  With each passing day, those safely tucked away behind bars were making contact and controlling other idiots on the outside.  Authorities never made any valid attempt to stop it and many of those hired to help put an end to this was sucked in by the money and refused to do their jobs.  Now we have the audacity to wonder why Tamir Rice lost his life.  His life was not lost because of a rogue cop; it was lost because so many wearing the badge is so frightened to engage citizens now because they do not know who their enemy really is.  They assume that everyone with darker skin, everyone wearing a hoody, everyone not wearing a badge is out to get them.  And now that they are able to shoot first and make crap up later, parents of dark skinned children need to prepare their children to avoid even them.

You sat on your hands while this sampling grew and because you decided to does nothing while it grew, you now wonder why this giant oak tree is blocking your view.  Give me a break, either lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.


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