Brain-dead North Miami Beach Police Chief provides Safe-Haven for Radical Cops

Supporters of police will wrench when they read this story because even those harden supporters who think that police officers are above the law knows when something is really wrong with our society, the only question is are they willing to correct the problem or just simply ignore it?  The article is titled “Family outraged after son's mug shot found used in target practice by Miami police” written by Nina Golgowski for the New York Daily News and in it she reports that “a bullet-riddled photo of Woody Deant was discovered by his own sister last month when she visited the shooting range. North Miami Beach Police Chief J. Scott Dennis has defended the use of mug shots for target practice, saying it's vital for facial recognition drills. These six mug shots were being used for target practice by North Miami Beach Police last month when a National Guard soldier discovered the face of her own brother among them. A trip to a Florida gun range left a National Guard soldier in tears when the face of her own brother was found being used as target practice by Miami police. The extremely disturbing sight, showing a then-18-year-old Woody Deant with bullet holes in his eye and forehead, joined several other booking photos entirely of African American men, Deant's outraged family told NBC Miami. The booking photo of Deant was taken 15 years ago after he was arrested for drag racing. The race ended with two people dead and Deant serving four years behind bars. North Miami Beach Police Chief J. Scott Dennis took responsibility for the photos but also defended their use.”

Now there are two separate ways to remedy this situation, you can either stand tall or demand accountability and responsibility for this severe lapse in judgment or you can open a shooting range which only caters to cops.  If you stand up, you can bring an entire community, an entire country with you as you demand accountability and responsibility while may isolating a few bad cops or those so blinded by hatred that they cannot not see any wrong until it happens to them.  If you just help to open a shooting range for cops only then you brings with you only those blinded by hate.  The decision to stand or lay down should not be difficult for anyone to make and in this instance, that choice is all ours to make right now.

It does not matter what color the mug shots are what matters is the arrogance it takes to even use them because if for no other reason those in authority are seen to have a little bit more maturity than those they manage and this type of mind-set, condoned by those who are supposed to be minding the cop store perpetuates a myth that all those who make mistakes are not even worthy of treatment as a human being.  It also adds to the rights some cops may feel to shoot first and ask questions later, to be judge, jury and executioner.


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