Cavaliers Momentum builds toward a Championship but not this Year

Much is being made about the video showing LeBron James pushing coach David Blatt during the loss to the Phoenix Suns but I find it quite amazing that more attention was not focused on the lack of calls by the referees or the obviously slant on them favoring Phoenix.  Either way none of this is the point.

The point is that as soon as LeBron James stepped foot in Cleveland, the visions of an NBA Championship has been dancing through the heads of all who call Cleveland and Ohio home.  Sad because that amount of expectation weighs heavily upon those on the court and especially those sitting on the sidelines.  This unseen but clearly present pressure is where many on the team awaits to see if LeBron will step up and take over the team while LeBron is attempting to stay humble and not become the saving grace of management.  By his style of play last night, I believe that LeBron James is about to make a decision if being that floor general is the role he must take in order to give the Cavaliers a chance.  But the real decision about the success or failure of the Cleveland Cavaliers is not up to their back office nor is it up to their players.  The real decision is up to their fans.

Their fans need to remove this immense desire for a championship this year and give the players all the time that they need to build their dynasty.  Yes American I said dynasty because if you look at the pieces, each has its issue but none of these issues are insurmountable.  The Cavaliers defense leaves a lot to be desired but that does not mean that it cannot or will not get much better.  Their drive and lack of focus is bewildering to say the least but these too are not inoperable.  All it takes is time and if the city of Cleveland is willing to give this team that, in return look for several NBA banners to be soon hanging from their rafters.


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