Why America’s Creativity and Innovations are vastly lacking

If anyone is wondering why America seems to be falling behind the rest of the nation’s when it comes to new ideas and fresh technology, wonder no more.  It is as simple and plain as the nose on your face but few have the spine to say it to your face except for me.  I am about to tell you all about yourself America and I warn you now, you might not like what I have to say.  You can ignore this if you wish but I know that you know what I am about to tell you are the truth and only the truth will set us free.

The reason America seems to be falling behind is because we have stifled the one and only propeller of forward movement we have as a nation.  We have stifled creativity and innovation.  We do this by making the rules to invent and innovate apply to only those who either have the resources themselves or a rich uncle hidden somewhere in the wood pile.  You have to either know someone with deep pockets, have been born in a family that has deep pockets, are a particular color or a particular brand.  You have to be one who follows the rules as dictated by you or you have to follow a particular plan in order to discover or devise anything that could make life just a little sweeter for the masses.  Look around and you will see exactly what I am talking about.  Take for example the show called Shark Tank.  These are companies which are already in existence and have pretty decent sales who has to now convince a few others with deep pockets that what they have been selling makes enough money already to warrant an investment by them to take it to the next level.  If they are successful, their current stock of items or products can reach new heights but if they are not then they are shamed into being rushed out of the room with their tail between their legs.  Is this what we want all newly creative people to think it’s like to get your idea in front of the money people and banks?  That they have to come crawling and begging a few for an opportunity to show that their ideas are worthy of their nod.  That they have to kiss their ring or better yet their butts.

America creativity and innovations does not come from some think tank or any other tank.  It comes from an ordinary guy or girl who sees a need for a product which can ease the concerns of those they are around.  It comes from a need within a community which is far removed from the cameras, script writers and directors yelling “cut”.  It comes from the need of their fellow citizens who get up every morning trying their best to make ends meet and never being able to enjoy the fruits of their labor.  This is where America has always drawn its strength and no one can argue that.  Remember the guy who used to push a cart up and down the street sharpening people knives.  He didn’t do it because some banker or investor told him to; he did it because he saw a need and answered that call.  The idea of a knife sharpener for the home came from someone who watched that man traveling from house to house, town to town and wondered if there was a better way. 

Today, in order to get a fresh idea drawn from instances which built this country, in front of those who could help, you have to have an attorney and one original with several copies of proof that it was your idea before you can even step foot in their offices.  You also need to have an enormous bank account because those companies who say that they can help you will not be doing it for free.  Let’s not forget about the government regulations that you have to follow as well.  You have to spend money to protect your idea and for that minimal wage worker who barely makes ends meet now, paying to protect an idea is just not feasible so what is left?  Do they stop dreaming and stop trying?  For many the answer is no but to those who are real, there is no answer that comes at all.  Instead of hearing families tell their young ones that they can be whatever they wish to be, they are now being told to stop day dreaming and pay attention to what will help them survive in the real world.  Is this the best we can do for our children these days?  Just survive or do we wish to be able to relate to them and educate them how to thrive?


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