National Field Marshal for The New Black Panther Party pins Targets on all Black Men’s back

It’s unthinking and careless talk like this that makes race relations hard to solve in this country.  People who claim to speak for so many but can’t seem to provide any intelligent conversation to the resolution of one of America’s biggest problems.  If you claim to speak for so many, at least speak in a manner which reflects well upon them instead of making those for whom you speak look like some unintelligent bunch of bullies with guns. 

I speak about the so-called National Field Marshal for the New Black Panthers Samir Shabazz.  You can find his highly questionable and hateful rhetoric in an article titled “New Black Panther Field Marshal: Whites ‘Should be Thankful We’re Not Hanging Crackers By Nooses…Yet, Yet, Yet” by Benny Johnson with contribution from Erica Ritz for The Blaze.  Any credibility that this organization once had is surely dead and buried if this is the best spokesperson that they can come up with.  Any white person saying things like this would enrage the masses but because it comes from him the only thing it truly does is paint a target on the backs of every black male in the United States and so every time a black person is harmed, injured or killed at the hands of anyone white regardless of the circumstances, the authorities should hold him for questioning as a conspirator.  Any time a black person commits a crime or harm, injures or kills a white or brown person he should be looked at as having something to do with it.  This is exactly the excuse that those who wish to marginalize blacks need to continue to avoid showing us the respect and dignity that we deserve.

People I don’t care whether you hate people or love them, when you are looked upon as a leader, there is a certain way you must carry yourself if for no other reason than to insure that those who may come after you are not ignored or demeaned because of what you said or did.  This man has no respect for those who died and tried so hard to make life better for all Americans, he only cares about himself and his way of life.  He mentions God in some of his rhetoric but I wonder which God he is talking about and which God he serves.  If anyone who can read were to open and read just a few books of the New Testament, he or she would not find anything in it that supports extremist like Samir Shabazz. 

Black America wishes to erase the unjust and unequal way that our race is treated and we lay much of the blame at the feet of those who may not look like us, well it is a well-known fact and the Bible tells us this.  Before you attempt to judge another or teach them to clean up their house, you must first clean up yours, simply put Samir Shabazz does not speak for me or I for him.  I speak for myself and I will call him and anyone out for rhetoric that makes our journey to a more perfect union harder and trust me when I tell you, this is not coming from some punk.


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