The Islamic State Caliphate Coming Soon to a State near You

Say hello to the newest members of the Islamic State’s desire for a caliphate.  Where is this new caliphate, you ask, well its taking root in your state and local governments as we speak.  What do I mean and where is my proof, well let’s start this off from the beginning, now pay very close attention because there are some serious twists and turns in this journey that if you drift off, you will be lost.

It all begins within that beloved book that many of us lay false claim to, we know it as the Bible.  In the beginning, there were those who were seen as privileged and above reproach, these individuals were allowed to make all of the rules and regulations that those they viewed less than them would be forced to follow.  Their intent was never to have those of privilege subjected to the rules that they imposed and they never lost sight of that goal.  There were only a select few who was even able to stand up in front of others and preach the word of God.  The Bible says that they wanted people to believe that only those from the tribe of Levi was blessed and chosen to do that, so those of other tribes were excluded.  This continued through kings, queens, princes and princesses, lords and barons and even after escaping to find the New World and escape the rules of the old, still brought with them this hierarchy.  So much for starting a New World far removed from the old.

There was no relief for the “lesser of these” then and there is no relief for the lesser of these now, the only difference is, we have gotten better at masking the evil that we all rail against and while we pay attention to that slight of hand move by those with wealth, behind their backs they hold the real monster tricks and cards.  There is this article titled “Where Islamic State gets its money” written for The Economist and in it they say it will not be easy to defeat the Islamic State because “it is one of the best-financed terrorist organizations in the world”.  One has only to take a few minutes to discover why and how, simply put, it has been the trick that has fooled so many for so long that many of us have become accustomed to being played the fool.  It’s natural for us to be made foolish because we know no better.  We are told that our biggest fear is the Islamic State but what we miss is that this same principal is happening right here within the borders of our states yet we are so focused on looking overseas, we see not the working of this menace right in front of us.

The Islamic State’s finances are coming from big money and those who have so much of it that they do not really know what to do with it, so each and every day their only quest is to collect more.  Their idea is that the unhappiness they endure is only because they do not have more money and if the truth be told, the true reason for their unhappiness is because they refuse to admit or acknowledge that only through making sure that everyone can experience those things that they desire to experience will their sadness ever evolve into happiness.  That money in any amount will never equate to happiness and that true happiness can only be found when you do something nice for another without expecting a ticker tape parade or large crowd’s accolades.  Check out the finances behind the Islamic State and you will find not governments but individuals who wish to control not only those underneath them but every single aspect of life itself.  We say governments are responsible but we miss the trick.  What resides in the hand behind those magicians’ back is people.  Governments are made up of people and instead of holding a government responsible for what those they finance do, why not go after the real culprits, the individuals.

Single groups who are not elected to congress but send representatives there to help structure all of the laws that govern us are made up of individuals.  Big money in politics, is made up of individuals each having the credit to move money from place to place in order to purchase anything and anyone that they believe would further their cause.  The thing with groups is only when those individuals find others individuals who see the need to amass more and more without a care in the world of the cost.  Big money is your Islamic State.  Big Business or those too large to fail is made up of individuals who have created a union of those who see the world as they do and will do whatever it takes to keep the happy juice flowing regardless of how many drown trying to get out of the way of that deluge.  Big business is your Islamic State.  Selfish and greedy people who will walk over anyone to reach their destination even if they know that getting there will not ease even the smallest of their pains.  Greed and selfishness is your Islamic State.   Individuals who take advantage of the old, poor, veterans and any other group because they think themselves smarter or tougher only to scream bloody murder when they finally run upon someone who stands tall against them and expose them for who they are.  Think of the new law which tells Oklahoman that they cannot wear a hoody.  These are your Islamic State.  I don’t think I need to continue for I feel as though you get my point.  Look all around when you are in search of what happened and what you need to do next.  Pay close attention to those who say that they have the answer and carefully examine that answer but most importantly the closest person that you truly need to keep diligent on is yourself.  For you could be your Islamic State.


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