Practice of Greasing the Skids so Cops can stand above the Law Exposed

I and so many others tried to warn millions that there were more to the recent rash of cops acting as judge, jury and executioner than met the eye.  We attempted to educate you that there was more than that thin blue line that gave some cops the arrogance to see themselves as above the law and beyond questioning.  Well for those who doubted us, take a look at this article titled “Outraged and Indicted Officers Declare War on Patrick Lynch” written by Will Bredderman for the New York Observer and now say that what you were not warned about has any truth to it.

The article mentions “a slate of insurgent Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association trustees and delegates—three of them under indictment for their involvement in the 2011 Bronx ticket-fixing scandal—announced their intention to unseat incumbent President Patrick Lynch and his reigning ticket of union officers.  Led by hulking Brooklyn South trustee and Lynch rival Brian Fusco, who is not in any legal trouble, the “Strengthen the Shield” ticket declared their candidacy outside his home base, Brooklyn’s 72nd Precinct. Flanking Mr. Fusco were his candidates for Vice President and Second Vice President: Bronx trustees Joseph Anthony and Michael Hernandez—both currently facing criminal charges for helping wipe out traffic and parking tickets for colleagues and their family members. Standing behind him was union delegate Brian McGuckin, seeking a trustee position, who was also indicted in the far-reaching scandal.  Mr. Fusco began the press conference by arguing that the challenge was based on what he claimed were Mr. Lynch’s failures to secure a contract from the city since 2010, and to stop former Gov. David Paterson from vetoing a bill that would have allowed new recruits to enter the department under an older, more generous pension plan. However, outrage over the probe that led to charges against 10 Bronx union officials and the disciplining of more than 600 other officers—and over what they viewed as Mr. Lynch’s failure to protect those members—soon boiled over. “It was an attack on the PBA!” Mr. Fusco angrily declared. “That’s a reflection on Patrick Lynch. It was a total failure on his behalf.”

Now you can say that this writer has a bone to pick with cops and question his reporting but seriously consider what was said by Mr. Fusco.  Those cops believe that they are innocent until proven guilty but this attitude seems to only apply to those wearing the badge.  I see no officer on the street extending that kind of respect to the citizens that they supposed to protect.  If you are arrested for driving on a suspended license when you are walking home from the grocery store, you are not perceived innocent until proven guilty.  The union has been made stronger by greasing the skids when it comes to defense of their paying members and because of that so many desire not to disrupt this sense of entitlement, so they rise above reproach and the law.  But like all other things that rise so high, eventually they all come down and so must this house.  Until they can provide proof that any mortal can walk on water, they must all be required to stand below and adhere to the same laws as all of the rest of us.


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