Protesters and Politicians prove that they know as little about being a Christian as the Extremist knows about being a Muslims

In an article titled “Texas rally by Muslims seeking tolerance disrupted by protesters” written by Jon Herskovitz for Reuters, it is reported that “ Protesters hold signs and yell to disrupt and heckle a group gathered for a Texas Muslim Capitol Day rally, Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015, in Austin, Texas. Hundreds of Muslims gathered for the rally as part of their biennial Texas Capitol lobbying day. Hundreds of Muslims gathered for the rally as part of their biennial Texas… A rally at the Texas Capitol on Thursday by Muslims seeking religious tolerance was repeatedly disrupted by a small group of protesters who said the state belonged to followers of Jesus Christ and that Muslims should go back to the Middle East.  During opening remarks at the Texas Muslim Capitol Day event, a Christian activist from Michigan grabbed the microphone from the speaker and said: "I proclaim the name of the Lord Jesus Christ over the capitol of Texas. I stand against Islam."  A group of people who described themselves as Christian activists also heckled the group of about 600 who showed up for the rally. The protesters shouted as the Muslim group sang the national anthem and then tried to interrupt speakers calling for religious tolerance.  Republican state Representative Molly White, wrote on her Facebook page that she had instructed staff members how to manage any person who came into her office from the rally. 
"Ask representatives from the Muslim community to renounce Islamic terrorist groups and publicly announce allegiance to America and our laws. We will see how long they stay in my office," she wrote.  In neighboring Oklahoma, state Representative John Bennett, a Republican, spoke out in January against the Oklahoma chapter of a national Islamic organization, calling on leaders to condemn verses of the Quran”.

They proved that they know little if anything about Christianity because they wish to forget that the Knights Templar, warriors we seem to elevate as hero< would travel all over and kill anyone who appeared not to accept their ways in the name of Christianity.  They seem to forget or wish to ignore the millions of people who have died right here in the old U.S. of A. who were viewed to have a different prospective and in the Old testament were flogged, whipped and hung publicly by the very same ideas that those who now wish to heckle and disrupt share.  The Oklahoma State Representative who called on leaders to condemn verses of the Quran does not seem to mind those Americans who still quote verses of the Old testament as the principal of how we should live as Christians.  Like the extremist, they have embarked upon an idea that there is only one way to enter the kingdom of heaven and it has to be the way they believe.  Like those extremist, they think that the new covenant delivered by Jesus Christ himself is not the way for Christians and they surely forget that the Jesus they claim was murdered and crucified by the very same people with the very same ideas that they spout today.

I do not mind anyone standing up for what they believe but I do mind when they take the words of Jesus and twist them or ignore them for their own selfish purpose.  If no one wishes to educate them on the ideas they spew as those spewed by the very ones who murder Jesus, then why are we surprised that those who think in that fashion may lead us all straight to the gates of hell.  Say something, or shut up but please stop whining.  


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