No Other Story is more Worthy of Protest than this one

Not many stories will stroke the ire of my being and strongly test my ability to be reasonable but a story like this titled “WTF?! CHILD MOLESTING COP GETS 30 DAYS, WON’T HAVE TO REGISTER AS SEX OFFENDER” by Unknown Author for The Free Thought Project pushes that boundary.  I have heard of prosecutorial discretion and plea bargains but damn people, haven’t we allowed the criminal justice system to get a little too far out of hand.  Have we not allowed judges to wield too much power especially when the decision made within the confines of their chambers and their courtrooms does more damage to a society and the bedrock principals upon which this nation was built? 

The story reports “Child molesters in Virginia don’t garner much sympathy from state judges. Maximum sentences are typical, and multiple offenders barely ever see the light of day when caught...  In one example, Donald Hausen, 35, was charged with aggravated sexual battery, manufacturing child pornography, distribution of child pornography and possession of child pornography. Judge Herman Whisenant Jr. sentenced Hausen to 66 years in prison, and he will forever be registered as a violent sex-offender.  Unless you’re a Virginia State Trooper, that is. 
In yet another example of cops receiving special treatment rather than being held to a higher standard, the very same judge accepted a plea deal from Trooper Christopher Allen Carson, 30, that will have him serving just thirty days in jail. On his release Carson will somehow be exempt from Virginia’s sex offender registry laws.  Carson was originally charged with forcible sodomy on a minor, aggressive sexual battery and indecent liberties with a child after orally forcing himself on a sleeping 7th grade boy.  Under the plea deal the charges were lowered to a felony count of criminal solicitation, a count of contributing to delinquency of a minor and one count of exposing his penis to a child. Carson also pleaded guilty to two counts of loaning pornographic videos to a child.  The plea deal happened the day Carson was set to go to trial. Judge Whisenant recommended nine years in prison, with all but 30 days suspended, and two years of probation. As an added bonus for being a disgusting human being on the State’s payroll Carson the exemption from registering as a sex-offender was added”. 

Considering that my own nephew has to register as a sex offender with no clear evidence that it ever happened and this same judge throwing the book at the man mentioned above for far less than this Virginia State Trooper pleaded guilty to, how much is enough and when does those with less than adequate resources get equal justice.  This child was sleeping and did nothing to warrant this intrusion but no one considered that.  Where is the justice for this child, this community and this nation?  All those involved in this decision should be held accountable for not only the complete disregard for the job that they were assigned but the aftermath of those decisions. 

This judge, prosecutor and defense attorneys got together and deemed this as a smart idea of protecting the life of this Virginia State Trooper because they feared for his safety in jail but at what cost.  Did they not even consider the lives; they just put into jeopardy by not allowing justice to be equal.  They may have temporarily saved this man but they have only condemned those who must suffer more and they have even condemned themselves because even if they do not pay for this decision here on earth, they will pay for it come judgment day and personally, I would rather beg God for forgiveness here on earth than on that day.
A plea bargain deal is one thing, but this decision causes so many others to make a decision which may land them in jail for life.  In defense of his child a father locates this cop and takes justice into his own hands now he gets life in prison.  The child who did not get the justice he deserves becomes angry at the world and spends the rest of his life making everyone he comes in contact with pay for what was done to him, never knowing real love, compassion or how to trust.  This State Trooper now feels embolden and truly begins to believe that he is above the law so many more children may have to suffer so that he can obtain his quest to fulfill his desires.  America’s trust of cops demises even more and soon, those who wear the badge and do the right thing by those that they swore to serve and protect is painted by that same brush and is severely hampered at doing what they love to do.

You want the world to see America as the Land of Opportunity and Equal Treatment under the Law but this decision taints all that and proves all the proof that those who hate this country needs to recruit and grow in size and strength.  It is a simple fix for me; all those involved should be removed from their positions and never allowed this honor of defending our way of life again.  The decision should be reversed and the child, his parents, this community and this nation should get the justice that they so rightly deserve.


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