Biker cries foul Waco shooting and lawyer seeing no way out

We are all entitled to our day in court and have the right to present our case as to why we are not guilty of what we are charged with but to begin so early to attempt to discredit those who oppose you leaves me to wonder why.  Could it be because you know that they have the facts on their side and the results of a verdict from any kind of jury would lead to you being found guilty or is it because privileges have been extended to you that others can only dream about?

The article is called “Lawsuit alleges Waco biker grand jury conflict of interest” written by Emily Schmall for the Associated Press and it reports that “a biker arrested after a deadly shootout involving bikers and police in Waco, Texas, argued Friday that it's a conflict of interest for a policeman to preside over the grand jury that may hear his case.  Matthew Clendennen, who sued after he was one of 177 bikers arrested following the shootout, alleged in a court filing that James Head's presence as foreman of the randomly-selected 12-person panel should not be allowed.  Clendennen's attorney, Clint Broden, said in Friday's filing that Head was involved in executing search warrants and may have been present at the city's convention center where people were processed after the shooting.  McLennan County District Clerk Jon Gimble told The Associated Press that Head's name does not appear on any of the search warrants.  "It's not for sure this grand jury will even hear the biker cases," Gimble said.  The objection comes amid allegations from bikers and their lawyers that authorities have acted unfairly during the investigation. Nine people were killed and 18 injured in the shootout that authorities say arose from an apparent confrontation between two motorcycle clubs. The 177 people arrested were each held on $1 million bonds. All but four have been released, mostly on lowered bonds. There has been no indictment.”

So before there is even and indictment this biker cries foul and unfair treatment.  These are the same group of bikers who were allowed to just stand around, make cell phone calls and fellowship with each other like they were at some kind of a church social instead of being under arrest.  Any other group and all of them would have been face down in the dirt with weapons pointed at every one of their heads but these groups were treated unfairly.    I wonder if this is planned to now go to go-fund-me and create an account so that all of their legal bills can be paid because of the lack of leadership where, coming together to talk peace, you bring hotheads whose idea of peace is the one in their hands.  The act of the judicial system which allows the challenge to a grand jury because they can and seem more privileged than anyone else.  The grand jury is impaneled to see if there is enough evidence to warrant a trial but nothing more so you feel that your case is not strong enough to convince a grand jury that you are right and so many others are wrong.  Makes me wonder if the tears shed by Mr. Clendennen wasn’t from fear or an audition for an up-coming role in Hollywood.


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