If 2 citizens were fired for displaying the Confederate Flag, our nation is in trouble.

If this is true and these two citizens were let go because they refused to remove the Confederate Flag symbol from their own personal property, this nation has allowed it’s citizens to violate the very principal that so many pride themselves on when bragging about this country.  God Almighty, knew that attempting to control the minds of men was a lost cause which is why he gave us the authority to decide for ourselves.  He told us that we are in control of our actions, non-actions and lives so that on judgment day, we will not have anyone else to blame for the way we decided to live that life.  I can understand removal of the Confederate Flag from public buildings but when you begin to think that you own another person to the point where you can control and make them remove any symbol from their own private property, you have gone too far.

The article titled, “2 In Alabama Say They Got Fired For Driving With Confederate Flag” written by Jackie Salo for International Business Times says “two Alabama men claim they were fired from their jobs at construction management company Turner Industries for not removing a confederate flag from their vehicles Monday.  Phillip Sims said he does not typically keep the Confederate flag on his flatbed pickup truck, but he was running late Monday and did not have a chance to remove it. When he arrived at work, his supervisor at the Decatur, Alabama, plant asked him to remove the flag, reports Alabama station WHNT News 19.  Sims refused to take down the flag and stands by his decision. He said his former employer has offered three times to rehire him if he removes the flag, but he remains steadfast in his conviction.  The other man has not publicly commented on his termination. An Alabama attorney also told Northern Alabama station WAAY-TV that state employers do not have to explain fire able transgressions to their employees.  “In general, Alabama is an employment-at-will state, which means employers can take action based on any reason or no reason,” attorney Teri Mastando said.

Bottom line people, veterans have fought and died on the battlefield so that all can have their rights and freedoms.  None of them ever said that they would fight and died for any particular person, group or freedom.  God has given us the ability to think for ourselves and complete control over the life we wish to live.  Unless those who now claim to be in authority is more powerful than God or have done more for their fellow citizens than veterans, no one has the right to take away anyone’s rights.


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