The Most Forgotten Lesson of the Bible

There are many things which frustrate, infuriate, confused and seems so misguided to those of us who embrace the title Christian.  But nothing does this more for me than those who claim the title only when it is convenient for them.  I speak of people like myself who often speak of being about God but fail to realize that being about God is more than just talking about him each and every day.

Being about God is more than just going to a church or any place of worship.  Being about God is more than just being handed a title for a group of mortals.  Being about God is more than being seen as a Christian.   Being about God is hard work and work that much be continued each and every day in each and every way.  I know this yet I still find myself seeking earthly treasures instead of seeking the one and only treasure that will guarantee my obtaining eternal life.

The saying that a tree shall never be known by the name given to it by those with no authority to name anything but simply by the fruit that it bears.  It is truer today than ever before because we are that tree and to bear fruit of ignorance, intolerance, hatred, greed and so many others sin filled fruit means our opportunity to capture the promise made to us grows slimmer and slimmer with each and every action we take.  Are we truly attempting to capture that promise or are we just pretending, hoping that the very second before we leave this earthly realm, we will be able to ask God for forgiveness and get it.  We forget the lesson being told to us that on our day of judgment all decisions made while we were present on this earth will be judged and nothing is ever hidden or forgotten.

The most forgotten lesson of the Bible is the lesson that we are a reflection of our father and each and every action we take will give those watching and idea of what God is truly like.  Do we love all of our brothers and sisters equally or just those who love us?  Do we treat others as we would like to be treated or just those who show us a little kindness?  Do we allow others to live their lives as they think God would be pleased with or just those who we force to live as we do?  Do we allow those who will face their day of judgment to determine their own fate or judge them as we think are proper? 

The Confederate Flag is a symbol but it does not represent anything particular except that which we have chosen to attach to it.  Some say it represents slavery, oppression, bigotry, hatred and violence but this is the same thing that can be said for any image.  This is the same as saying that homosexuality is a grave sin but it is no more a grave sin as adultery, greed, murder, and stealing, lying and false prophesying

Only you can choose what type of Christian you are or want to be and only one lesson needs to be heeded when in search for your answer.  God embraces all people of all races, all sexes, all religions, he allows them to pick and choose their own destiny and discover their own purpose.  He does not rule us with an iron fist even though we all know he could.  So when you are making the daily decision of what kind of Christian you will be that day, remember that most forgotten lesson of the Bible.  Be about God, demonstrate through your actions how God truly is and allow others the freedom to do the same.  Remember the veterans who served and who are currently serving did not do so just for you.  They did and do so for all.


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