Why mention of the Holocaust should be offensive to everyone

The media is all ablaze by the recent comments of Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee invoking the Holocaust but anyone even closely watching this fallacy called politics knows exactly why he did so.  The frightening part is how many have come to accept voices such as this and how some have even chosen to adopt Mr. Huckabee’s position.  Makes you wonder why so many are willing to say and do whatever to win even if it means defaming and belittling their own principals.  Mr. Huckabee is supposed to be preacher and to see him cast disparage on the plight of another human being has to make any real Christian wonder to whom he truly does serve.  Jesus was murdered by the very people he asked his father to forgive and at no time did he ever try and use the pain and suffering of another to elevate himself so whom should we take a lesson from?  Mike Huckabee, Donald Trump and others like them or God’s only son?  Make up your mind America because you truly cannot serve two masters.  Oh and while you are at it consider one more thing.

The reason any mention of the Holocaust should be offensive to everyone is because even though we wish to flip the blame on Adolf Hitler and his Nazi crew, the honorable among us must hold court on this United States of America for teaching them how to do it.  Has any of you ever heard the word eugenics?  If not, then it is by design.  You see eugenics was an American thing beginning in “1914 when Harry Laughlin published a Model Eugenical Sterilization Law”.  This law was designed to push the Caucasian genes for better babies and the sterilization of those deemed less worthy of a family.  Hitler turned it into ethnic cleansing and a search for that “pure race” but make no mistake the credit goes first to this United States of America as the founder of this practice which, sadly believe it or not is still on the books and legal today.

Eugenics was a widely acceptable practice probably still stands legal in 34 of our current states.  It was even supported by the movers and shakers, or as some wants you to believe, the makers not the takers.  Built on the practices of Charles Darwin and Sir Francis Dalton and supported by prominent figures and big businesses, like Alexander Graham Bell, Oliver Holmes and big businesses like the Carnegie Institution, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Harriman Railroad Group.  So if you were not of the blond hair, blue eyes variety of Americans, chances of a panel of white men deeming you of feeble mind were pretty close to a perfect 10.  Ask the family of Carrie Buck who was 17 years old and the first to be sterilized or Elaine Riddick who was 14 before she was “butchered”. 

You see, there may have been a Germany Holocaust but long before that there was an American Holocaust and this fact should be the reason even a slight mention of the word should offend us all.  It may also explain why so many still harbor ill feelings toward anyone who think them inferior in any way.  Think about it, if you were a Native American, Black American, poor White American or any other race of American and did not display blond hair and blue eyes, you could and often was the target of eugenics still supported by our laws today.  Still confused why some are greatly offended and they are not Jews?


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