I am who I make myself out to be

I used to think that we are the sum total of our experiences and our reactions to them but I am beginning to see that we are simply the sum total of our reactions.  I think this now because the same experience can happen to millions of people and none of them turn out to be exactly alike even if many of their reaction were the same.  Each of us take away from any experience what we choose to learn from that encounter and because only that single solitary individual can choose what lesson that they wish to heed, they are in complete and total control.

Car accidents happen each and every day and those involved come away from it with a change in their prospective, way of life or perception of what is important.  Many may repeat the same saying about importance but that does not by no stretch of the imagination make that the number one lesson learned.  Some will never drive again, some seek comfort in a bottle or drugs, while others get right back upon that horse.  None of these choices make one weaker or stronger than the other, it simply makes them human and worthy of making their own choices as to which way they choose to go for the remainder of their existence here in the flesh.

Many wonder why they cannot be happy and blame is normally directed toward an event in their lives or an individual person but truth be told, the simple reason is they cannot and never will be happy unless they become happy with who they made themselves to be.  A follower of the group who believes in a few of the group’s stances but not all may choose to hide among the crowd and only sing along when being seen while knowing within their heart that they do not favor that which is being presented by that group.  They then slowly sink into an unhappy period because they made themselves out to be that which will be acceptable to the group instead of that person who will be acceptable to themselves and God.  Until that follower makes the decision to not follow and agree where they can only feel good within themselves to agree but stand firm against those things that they feel good standing against, happiness and peace within shall continue to be just a pipe dream.

No one on this earth, this planet or in this universe can help you find that peace and happiness all of us crave.  That comes from within and within that spirit of God that each and every one of us carries around with us each and every day.  People say that after an event, they found God but what they refuse to recognize or do not consider is that God was never lost.  God has and always be where he has always been and that is deep within all of his children whether white, black, Hispanic, Asian, German, Polish or any other label we wish to tag ourselves with.


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