The Inequality of Domestic Violence-Larry’s Voice

Some time ago, I penned an article titled “Police Brutality is not something you already have it is cultivated and taught” (you can find it here:  In that article I included a portion of a story I read involving Officer Larry Bushart attempting to show how the failure of supervisors and managers of our police departments can result in good cops going bad and making bad decisions without first considering the ramifications that comes with the honor of wearing the badge.  I was contacted by Mr. Bushart with an explanation of his situation and even though we disagreed about whether his divorce and the circumstances around it were included in this article, I did come to realize that both his and my own personal experience was quite similar.  I then took up his call to pen this article and I share all this with you in hopes that you gleam from it that even though you may come to believe one thing, there is and always may be others things that escape your attention. 

Now while I did receive his permission to mention more about his divorce, I shall refrain from doing so because of the one ingredient often found in divorces and that is the children.  Many times those who must survive a martial breakup and suffers more from it are often not the ones who make the decision.  It is often the ones who did not have a say in it or played any role in its demise.  Often times the most harmed of any divorce is the children if any exist and based on that I will only use information I have acquired that does not re-open that wound or damage Mr. Bushart’s reputation any further than the events of 2012 and 2013 did.

Know now that after conversing with Mr. Bushart, I see him now as a man of character and it is my strong belief that for so long he has dreamed of serving and protecting.  I believe now that the decision to separate and head in different directions than the lady he chose to share his life with was much more complicated than any article could capture.  It was a composition of many things and none of which I will expose here.  The exact causes are his, hers and theirs to divulge if they choose to.  Neither I nor anyone has the right to display anyone’s life for public consumption and I will not begin now.  As I said before, the recognition of his story compared to mine were somewhat similar so I will be using his voice to speak on this subject but also using my own as well.

The article mentioned that Mr. Bushart was arrested on a charge of “stalking” which seems to have been deemed unfounded but his dream of serving and protecting may all but have disappeared.  The article mentioned he had been out on paid leave with a $7,500 bond which I have come to understand is quite a bit higher than the local drug dealer who was arraigned about the same time he was.  To say this is not equal justice would be an understatement.  Why would a misdemeanor charge carry a higher bond than that of a drug dealer?  Is it because he did wear the badge and an example needed to be set?  If this is the case then it is more than ample reason why someone should have been there to stand with him and insure that at least he received some justice by making sure the bond amount was not so out-of-portion for the crime.

The bottom lines this more than just about a good cop that without proper support made a bad decision.  It is more than just about a divorce between two people that whose search for that perfect soul mate ended in the fight for their then chosen mate no longer existed.  It is about a tragedy that affected more than just two people and how those in authority positions failed to step up and stand up to help transition the relationship from what appeared to be an enormous obstacle to one where sadness now replaces that euphoria of love that once existed between them.  It is about a society who claims to care about all our fellow human beings failing to see the human factor involved and for those who still claim to care; honest efforts should be made to do all that each individual can to help Mr. Bushart and his children come to terms with their current place in this world.  As Americans and human beings, we owe them nothing less.


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