The Confederate Flag debate will soon be the same regarding the American Flag

This may not be what you true patriots wish to hear but it does not mean someone does not need to bring it to your attention.  We see those who so support the flying of the Confederate Flag crying real tears about what they think is an ending to their heritage.  It is not but some would want nothing more than for those who truly believe in that banner to fall for this ploy and be willing to pick up arms and die again for its colors.  Too bad, things that really end only end in our hearts.  If you are truly a lover of the Confederate Flag then you should know that no matter where it flies, on Capitol Grounds, in a museum, in your front yard or attached to your vehicle, the love for that glorious banner will only die if you strike its true meaning from your heart otherwise, it shall live on as long as there are those willing to see it live forever.

For those who stand against it and call it a symbol of slavery, racism and bigotry, you are also correct but let us set the record straight.  The Confederate Flag did not begin as a symbol of anything but a banner for those who wished to protect the way of life in the South to gather under, fight under and yes, died under.  It did not become a symbol of those things previously mentioned until those who said they loved the South, hijacked it and began carrying it around, parading it around and submerging it into hate-filled rhetoric.  It did not become that until those who said that they loved the Southern way of life failed to step up, stand up and take back that flag from those hijackers.  They quietly sat on their hands like some wimpy little nerd and let that bully pushed them and their glorious banner around and drive it into the ground.

The same is what is happening right now with the American Flag.  You know that one I’m talking about, the old red, white and blue.  Those who claim to love this country so much as allowed those who call themselves patriots to hijack this symbol of greatness and turn the old red, white and blue to all about me and not about you.  We sat on our hands like some wimpy little nerd and are letting bullies push us and this glorious banner around, into the ground and even burn it.  We stay quiet while those claiming to be all about America parade around with this flag while spewing hate, bigotry, racism and discrimination.  We wonder how a nation which was once a beacon on the highest hill has now been turned into just a guy waving a flashlight.  It has turned because those who have and are fighting for that banner to fly high and continue to be seen as a symbol of greatness are quiet when we hear someone who stands for his people but pledges or desires to eliminate the other people.  No veteran donned his/her uniform to protect the rights of just one people, we donned that uniform to protect the rights of all people and when someone takes our banner and stands under it spewing anything but unity, compassion, sensitivity, responsibility, grace and love, we need to step up, stand up and take back our flag before it is tainted and contaminated by that ilk.

I’m up for that challenge, are you?  I will call out anyone and everyone who claim to be a patriot, who claim to be a Christian and who claim to be an American but refuses to accept others into the warm and always loving embrace of a nation that opened her arms back so long ago at Ellis Island and has not closed them since.


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