The Most Ignored Reason our Justice System is failing

There is a very soft rumor of many now truly beginning to take a serious look at our adult and juvenile justice system.  Some are just now discovering that which those unable to get past a particular point of poverty have known for years.  Both the adult and juvenile justice system sucks and does not work half as well as it should for all Americans.  They see where those with enormous resources can get their voices truly heard in court and considered long before the verdict but when it comes to those who are not privileged with the funds to purchase the assistance of the best attorney in town, their voices are quickly silenced and often never heard at all.

For those just now paying attention, their focus is on the length of sentences or if the judgment set down by the courts really does fit the crime.   Their focus is on whether you can get more time selling crack than you get selling high end cocaine or heroin.   No mention of how those providing “false witness” to a crime are never held accountable for the lies they told on the stand.  Those who perjured themselves are never held to account because they were asked or coached to testify in that manner by those chosen to represent the city, state or federal government.  Judges refuse to also question the validity of such entries because they wish not to appear bias but what they may not know is to go along with a travesty of justice makes them just as guilty as those who perpetrated it, but the worst of all is the primary reason why justice is blind but also deaf.  It is the piss poor procedures and policies of today’s Public Defenders.

I understand that for many lawyers, maybe working in the public defender’s office for a while is a way to help pay down their student loans and necessary for them to ever move forward from that to, let’s say, political office but when the first thing you hear from your public defender is how good of a case the prosecutor has, you know you are in trouble.  An immediate feeling of defeat comes over you and you quickly began to give up and give in.  They present the prosecutor’s case and suggest that you take the deal that they are offering because of the strong case they have.  Now remember all this time, they have not heard one word from you about why you think or know that the case is false.  The more you attempt to explain, the further back their eyes roll back into their heads and their only thought is who is going to pay them and the number of cases they have.  You know you are in trouble when your public defender looks directly at you, can’t recall your name and your case has been called next.  This and so much more happens each and every day but no one can see it because it is not happening to them.

If we wish to revamp our justice system, we need to understand how it starts with the ability of lawyers to do a better job putting together their cases.  Their tests comes from the number of cases they try but if they are never challenged then they will fall into a false sense of security and began to think that the burden of proof necessary or doing their jobs from the top of their game is no longer necessary.  Public Defenders may already be a primary tool to check this statement on since many appear to not even want to be there in the first place. If public defenders challenges those they are pitted against, they will have to step up their game and that being the case, you can bet the entire justice system wins and gets better.  If the public defenders stop being a mouth piece for the prosecution and start to take the oath they swore more seriously regardless of whom they represent, America can finally return to the one system that has always made us the envy of the world, Our Justice System.


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