Quantity over Quality is proving to be really bad business

We all must recall Henry Ford’s idea about making automobiles.  It centered around making them affordable for the masses and making them able to withstand the test of time.  Henry Ford was more concerned about the quality of a Ford than the number of Fords on the road.  He also believed that looking out for the workers who were the primary reason his vehicles were quality was also the true mark of success.  Today Ford Motor Company is still one of the top three automotive manufactures but today’s Ford is nothing close to keeping the vision of Henry Ford.

We all must recall, the Dodge Brothers who left the Ford Company and embarked upon creating a top brand of automobile all their own.  They kept the love of employees that was learned from Henry Ford and they kept the quality of making fine automobiles.  Today Dodge and it’s merger with Chrysler now Jeep and Fiat is also one of the top three automotive manufactures but like Ford, the love of quality has been replaced by the need for quantity.

Let’s examine the article by Chris Isidore and Rene Marsh for CNNMoney titled “Airbag maker Takata announces largest auto recall ever” reporting that “Takata is nearly doubling the size of its already massive recall for faulty airbags, making it the largest auto recall in history.  The company has already recalled airbags used in about 18 million vehicles for the problem. This move will bring that number up to about 34 million autos. That is nearly one out of every seven cars on U.S. roads today.”  and one titled “5 Of The Biggest Car Recalls Ever which reports “The Chrysler Group's recall of 13,000 Dodge Chargers and Chrysler 300s due to anti-lock brake problems might be the newest car manufacturer slip-up to make headlines, but it certainly isn't the largest – or the most expensive. Throughout the years, the auto industry has let some devastating design flaws slip through the cracks of the production line. As a result, some of the country's most popular cars have been subject to recalls exceeding more than a million models at once at truly staggering costs to their manufacturers. This one comes from Investopedia.

The solution to this issue is simple but to listen to those who appreciate quantity more than they do quality, you would be led to believe that these few minor issues are worth the numbers that are being produced.  So please ignore the millions of deaths due to malfunctioning of American cars.  Please ignore that at one time “Quality is Job One” used to be the marketing phrase for one of the top three and please forget that “Made in America” was made famous when America knew they could send their vehicles anywhere even overseas and no other car company would ever be able to equal it.  Please ignore that the pride Americans felt repeating that phrase no longer exist since the worker that would ensure each and every part of that automobile was made from quality has been replaced by robots which seem to care less about how something is done.  So much for keeping the dream of our creators of our automobile industry of quality versus quantity.


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