How this blessing thing really works

I was strolling through Facebook when I came upon this post and it started me to thinking that maybe the reason so many of us are lost as Christians is because of what I took from this very post and so many others like them.  We may be a little confused and since very few so-called experts even take the time to address this subject, we stay ignorant and as long as that is the case we become easy targets for evil and its minions.  Time to turn the tables.

The post goes something like this.  “A young man who wanted to marry his wife was discouraged not to marry her because his family members didn't like her but the man stood on his decision and said, “God told me she's my destiny helper and that she is my wife." so he went ahead and married her against his family's will. Four months after their marriage, he lost his job and his family members started laughing at him but then, the man always held her hands and said, "I'm not giving up on you, no matter what people say, I don't care because God said you are my wife" 2 weeks later, his wife got an email that said, 'You have won a family lottery that enables you and your husband to live and work abroad. The woman had applied for the lottery when they were still dating because she also believed the man was her husband. That’s how God blessed them and silenced those who laughed at them.”

Now based on this, you may come to believe that if you keep your faith in God then you will get everything you have ever wished or prayed for.  While I will never disparage anyone from believing what they wish, I have got to say that this is not how the blessing thing works and history of all those who struggle in the light of religion are proof of this.  The blessing thing is simple as God intended it to be.  It is not complicated by other things that evil wishes you to believe.  To obtain the blessings that God has written for you all you need to do is everything you can not to block them period.

Let’s say you prayed for a new car, once you asked your one and only father for this, he wrote it down in your book of life but there was a catch.  That blessing would only be yours as long as you did not stop yourself from receiving it.  You stop yourself from receiving God’s blessings when you do evil acts or refuse to step up and defend him when it is you time to do so.  For every evil act you perform places another barrier between you and that which you prayed for.  So when you pray, God immediately answers that prayer so to blame God for not answering your prayers now becomes your excuse to continue to block not only that blessing but all others you may have asked for.

You see God does not grant you lottery winnings nor does he leave a brand new car in your driveway.  What he does is open the doors necessary for you to easily reach your goal or wish but you must walk through it.  You will see that open door each and every time you stand firm in God’s defense and treat others as you wish to be treated but if you fail to do these simple things, obstacles will appear and block those opened doors.  God does not expect nor is desire perfection in his children, all he desires that undying willingness to try and the paramount conviction that you seek him first and none other.


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