Desecration of the Flag will get you Famous disrespecting cops will get you killed

Never ceases to amaze me how out of one side of your neck, you can say you love and support the troops while out of the other side you are desecrating the very banner all American troops fight and even die under.  Many say that this is a form of and a right to speak freely but we all know it is and never will be the proper form of protest so many wishes us to believe. 
This article titled “Hundreds attend rally at Valdosta State University” taken from
Tells us “tensions are building on the campus of Valdosta State University after a flag protest.  Channel 2's Matt Belanger traveled to Valdosta where thousands of her supporters gathered Friday some are calling the woman a hero. Belanger spoke to students who said they support what protesters did Friday, but they weren't happy VSU cancelled classes as a national debate over treatment of the American flag came to the South Georgia city. "I just hate to see that kind of hatred in anyone," said Carolyn Smith. "The whole world needs to understand this old flag is important," said Vietnam vet Richard Stone. "I did four years on the marine corps and two-and-a-half in the honor guard burying Marines dying in combat. So stepping on the flag really hits home for me," said Donnie Wilson. A huge demonstration of patriotism in response to a protest last week where students demonstrating against racism walked on an American flag placed on the ground. It's an act that's offensive to these supporters, but not illegal.  "I think the Supreme Court made a mistake when they said that," Smith said. Many in this crowd told Belanger they believe desecrating the American flag should be against the law.  "When I see that it's almost like that desecration was toward the people who died for that freedom and I'm pretty sure that's not how they feel," said protest organizer and Air Force veteran Michelle Manhart.  Manhart was the woman seen in a YouTube video that grabbed the flag off of the ground and was detained by police for refusing to give it back.”

Picture this, you train, bleed and die for a nation and after all that, you come home expecting to receive the promises made but have a complete case of amnesia from those who made you that promise.  Now all you have left is the memories and nightmares of fighting for the red, white and blue only to see those who dodged any service walking all over it.  You dive to defend that which you were willing to die to defend in those far off places only to have those who are supposed to be as defensive about this banner as you, seemingly to join forces with those who care more about themselves than the sacrifices you and those like you made so that could enjoy their freedom of speech.  Imagine getting disrespectful with a judge in his courtroom and watch what happens.  Remember the unarmed victims of recent and current police shootings who were reported to resist and disrespect cops now consider that the millions of veterans who lost their friends, brothers, sisters and a little bit of their souls seeing the ultimate of disrespect being played out by the discretion of the flag from the very same people they were fighting to protect.

Freedom of speech does not give anyone the right to desecrate that flag regardless of what a group of judges say, only those who were willing to give up their lives should have that right but even those who have been used and abused by their own government knows better than to disrespect the memory of those who served before.


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