My Reason for the Confederate Flags Coming Down, Not what you may think

What began as a banner for those who were convinced of the greatness of the south’s way of life to rally, fight and die under has now been reduced to a rally for those who would love to see a nation once divided separated again.  So for the reason for which it was created, those who share its heritage and hold close the primary purpose for its creation should be allowed to fly it and fly it proudly.

It should not and never should again fly over Federal, State or local government buildings simply because there are some rightful citizens within this nation, this state and this community who do not care to embrace the results of this flag’s current reduced notation and since this country is bigger than the personal desires of one group, majority should rule as the primary principal of all states of this nation for which it stands.

It should not and never again fly over Federal, State or local governmental offices and buildings because of the failure or the ancestors of those who were present for its creation.  When they first observed this banner being mishandled and perpetuate the violation of those words, eloquently written as “all men are created equal”, they should have stepped up, stepped in and took back the true meaning of it.  They did not and sat idly by as extreme groups began to use this same meaningful flag as a diaper to clothe their nakedness and poor knowledge of the growth of a nation.  They failed to remind all that this flag was never intended to be a symbol of hate but a symbol of a way of life thought to be purely American.  This is only fair because even though we may not wish to recognize, had the south won, this would be the symbol used by all of America.

Today we have 51 states all combined under one American flag and if we truly believe in the nation we all claim to love, we would only fly one flag as an declaration to all countries that we are united for “which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”


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