Why do Americans toss out their God given Freedoms with the Bath Water?

If you are one of the many who think that this nation is headed to hell in a hand basket then you have also got to be willing to admit that two of the vehicles taking us there are structured politics and structured religion.  If you think that either or neither of these are true then resign yourself to remaining unaware and don’t be surprised when other things began to adopt structured politics and structured religion’s brand of Americanism.

I say this because both have been slowly erasing a freedom that we were granted so may years ago but many of us either did not wish to see it or saw it but refused to stand up to stop it.  I’m talking about a freedom that was first granted to us by God Almighty himself when he sent his only son to this planet, delivered to us a new agreement between us and him and sealed that agreement with his own blood as he died on that cross.  I am talking about a freedom that was later recalled by a few slave owners and non-slave owners who hammered out a deal we now refer to as the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  I am talking about a freedom that was and is currently being triple sealed by the blood, sweat and tears of our former and current military who willingly places their earthly lives on line each and every day so that we all, every last one of us, can enjoy and exercise that freedom.  I am talking about a freedom that some activist still march, protest and demand.  The freedom, America, is the freedom to choose.

Structured politics says that one must be of Republican or Democratic brand in order to vote and if you are calling yourself and Independent then you have no real choice of whom you wish to vote for.  If I register as a Democrat then I will receive only that ballot to choose the person I think best fit the office to which he or she is running.  The same can be said if I register Republican but what if I listen closely to both or all three candidates and decide that for my money the Independent is the best choice.  Can I exercise my right to freedom of choice and vote for that person or are the avenues to choose whom I wish to support so fixed that I am forced to choose from a list of people I do not wish to support.  If I agree with the stance of a Democrat on one issue but disagree and agree with the Republican on another while considering all the issues I am passionate about the best choice for me would be the Republican then why can I not vote for him or her.  Is it because no other registration choice is available except Democrat or Republican or is it because I am too afraid to rock the boat and demand to exercise my full freedom of choice?

Structured religion says that I must serve God in a particular way and if I fail to follow the policies and procedures as established by this structure then I condemn myself to hell.  In order for me to acquire the promise of God of eternal life, it is there way or the highway.  So what if I read the same passages that they do and come away with a different interpretation than they have?  Does this mean that I am less than a Christian or headed to hell?  Does it mean that I should not exercise my freedom of choice and choose my own destiny after all in the end; I am the only one who will be held accountable for my decision by God?  What if I follow a few of their rules but fall short of following them all, does this mean that I am forever lost and those who claim to be true Christians should turn their backs on me and shake the dust from their sandals?

Consider from whom your freedom of choice and all other freedoms was granted, and then ask yourself if any mortal or man-made corporation has more power than the Almighty.  Once you have done this, make your decision.  Do you wish to follow the path of God’s only son or do you wish to follow the path of man or man-made corporations?   It’s time to re-capture our total right to choose and make those decision based on how we interpret the events or occurrences in our life time and not leave our direction choices up to the media, structured politics, structured religion, big business or chance.  It’s time to say that I am neither a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent or any other political brand.  I am an American citizen with the freedom to choose not only the direction my life will take but those to whom I wish to grant power to.  This was a right granted me by the greatest power known to man and it was not from man which means man will never get total control of it.  God saw me worthy of this task, this job, this honor and I will not forsake him by turning it over to anyone for any reason.  It’s my life, it’s my choice and only I will make it.


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