Fired Toll Collector

I have heard of some selfish actions taken by those whom are supposed to be in a position where their actions can ultimately change the course of human events but this one takes the cake.  It is an article titled “Beloved Toll Collector Says He Was Fired For Paying Someone's Toll”  it appears to have been written by Ed Mazza for the Huffington Post and it states “A Florida community is rallying around a local toll collector, saying that he was fired unjustly for paying someone else's toll. Vladislav "Sam" Samsonov had been collecting the toll at the Gasparilla Island Bridge, which takes motorists into Boca Grande, near Fort Myers, for nearly 30 years. He's known to have treats on hand for dogs, and lollipops for the kids. But it all came to end when he was fired last week after accidentally undercharging a driver and paying the difference out of his own pocket. "He broke the rules by putting $5.50 into the cash register from his pocket after he realized he missed a trailer being pulled by a vehicle and wanted his register to balance with the axle counts and was caught on tape putting money from his pocket into the register," his daughter, Patricia Samsonov Gillis, wrote on Facebook. Since the Gasparilla Island Bridge Authority told the NBC station it does not comment on personnel matters, it's not clear if that's the true reason he was let go. What is clear is that the firing has upset many in the community, who have launched a Facebook page to show their support for the toll taker and posted messages for Samsonov on their own pages as well as those of the local media.”

It goes to show that policies normally established by those sitting around a conference table instead of sitting directly in front of those they are hired to serve, you get a completely different interpretation of what rules, policies and regulations really mean especially to those who those same things are supposed to help. 


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