How good intentions can lead to a more disastrous result

There is often no more clearer of an example of good intentions turning out to be worse than intended or expected than this article.  The sad part is the true result will probably never be felt by those who made the decision nor seemed to be accounted for by those who did.

I speak of this article titled “Judge releases 3 kids locked up for failing to meet with dad” out of Pontiac, Michigan for the Associated Press and for the life of me cannot see how this could have even been considered as a good idea in the first place.  From this article I come away thinking that intelligent thought was not a part of those involved area of thinking.  The article reports that “a judge on Friday released three siblings who have spent two weeks in juvenile detention for refusing to meet with their estranged father.  Oakland County Judge Lisa Gorcyca said she's sending the children to a summer camp, at the request of the father.”  Because of this lack of understanding of why anyone with any kind of intelligence would think this is a good idea, I need to break this article down.  As reported above, this s a failure or a refusal to meet with an “estranged” father.  Now consideration had to include the facts that he is estranged and they probably have not had much contact, if any, with him so this could easily explain why the children ages 15, 10 and 9 refused to meet with him.  Include also the thought, desire and wishes of the estranged father and the children’ lawyer thinking that a summer camp would be a grand idea after locking them up in a place called Children’s Village for three days.  Furthermore, as a dad who just got custody of his two youngest children, my time with them is not only valuable but precious and there is no way I would elect to sends them not only to a detention facility but a summer camp to boot.  This time would be better spent getting to know them and them getting to know me but then this is my own personal opinion and may not fit the scenario of this story.

Next we must consider, in our development of our opinions what the judge is quoted as saying “"The court finds that is in the children's best interests to grant the father's and the guardian ad litem's motion to allow the children to attend summer camp," Gorcyca said, referring to lawyers who represent the children.”  I can only assume that this could have been seen as a good idea because of what is stated further in the article.  “The case stems from a divorce that began in 2009. The judge blamed the mother for alienating the two boys and their younger sister from their father.  Gorcyca likened the mother's influence on the children to the Charles Manson California cult in the 1960s, according to a transcript of an earlier hearing.”  This leads me to believe that the divorce soured the mother toward the father and possibly any man so she sought to turn her children in the direction that she wished to go.  Still sending them to detention and then to summer camp may prove to make these kids hate their estranged father even more and that would and never could be in the best interest of anyone especially the children.


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