How and where to find that perfect mate

Every human being in this world searches for one thing and one thing only that is that perfect mate.  Life’s trials and tribulations are stacked full of those relationships that started out great but soon sputtered out.  It is full of those untaken chances at love and those times when what you thought was truly meant to be was not.  So we continue to search and only those we feel are more blessed than we are find what they say is the only one for them, but truth be told, those who are appears most happy together are those who are not afraid of taking that next steps and doing the things that is necessary to find that all elusive happiness we all crave.

There are a few things you may have heard but never put into practice or gave up on far too early in the relationship.  There are a few things that you need to know or be reminded of.  One of the most important is that perfect mate does not come in a pre-packaged container and have all of the ingredients you need to be perfect.  They come in the package that they have prepared in order to have survived as long as they have.  They come with the ingredients that they felt necessary and did not prepare themselves according to you or anyone else.  This you must accept because to find that perfect mate, you are going to have to culture and grow them not control and force them.  A perfect mate can be found with a minimal of those things you want in a mate, just look for those elements that you think are most important and not for that complete package straight off the assembly line.

A perfect mate is one willing to make changes to their make-up for you and you alone, not for your family and definitely not for your friends.  If they have to conform to your desires of who you wish them to be then conform to the desires of your family and friends then he/she is not your perfect mate but theirs so make up your mind first before attempting to introduce them to others.  Your perfect mate may have been that soul you knew long ago who understood you long before you even understood yourself but you couldn’t see that because you were jumping from place to place trying to find your lot in life at the time.  Your perfect mate may have been that steady voice, that steady shoulder and those steady arms that was always there and had or would make room for you whenever you needed it but you did not realize it because you were so caught up in yourself you could not see the forest for the tree.

If you desire a perfect mate, then you must be willing to truly fight for it by being willing to make changes to your make-up as much and as often as you desire them to make changes to theirs.  A perfect mate is built over time and even years later may not be as perfect as you may think you want.  A perfect mate is one who do not cares about your faults and see them as an opportunity to grow together as one.  A perfect mate is one who is not afraid to speak the truth to you and hesitates only because they search for a more civil way of telling you what you need to hear not what you want to hear.  A perfect mate shows by example how easy it truly is to own their faults because they know that by owning their faults will they ever have an awesome chance of becoming the perfect mate for you.

If you truly wish to find that perfect mate, the number one thing you need to do is get beyond yourself.  Stop thinking that all is designed to please you and that you are that perfect mate yourself.  No one is perfect and to achieve perfection means to work on the only thing you can and that is you.  If you want that perfect mate, you must be that perfect mate.


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